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Middle Aged People: Get Some more Sleep!

Middle Aged People: Get Some more Sleep!

Category: Sleep Talk
Posted: Aug 17, 2015 13:38
Synopsis: When it comes to lack of Sleep its the Middle Aged who are at the front of the queue.

You remember a time when you were a twenty-something, hardworking, party animal who lived for the weekend? Remember a time when you managed to go all week on four hours sleep?


Well guys, you’re not twenty anymore, and unfortunately, according to the government, you need to get more sleep.


Now, if you was trying to convince a bunch of teenagers that they needed to get more sleep, I’m sure they would oblige. But with the stress of family life, along with career orientated goals, getting that magical 8 hours sleep a night can seem pretty difficult for anyone else.


It’s been reported that a large proportion of 40 - 60 years olds, up to a third actually, only sleep for 6 hours or less every night. This increases your risk of early death by up to 12%, and we don’t mean to scare you, but if there’s ever a reason to sleep more, this is it. By catching a couple of extra hours, it could really be beneficial to your health.


Sleep, it may seem, has taken a backbench position in the mind of most working adults. By taking the stress of work and family life into the bedroom, it seems that we’re struggling to catch all of our forty winks. Now, more than ever, it has become imperative that at the end of the night you’re choosing the best place to rest your head.


And this is why choosing the perfect bed for you is crucial to your health!


Think about it, if your mattress isn’t right, your life won’t be much better. Getting to sleep seamlessly is one of life’s greatest pleasures. You want to be able to slip into bed and fall into slumber instantly.


If there’s one tip that we can give you, it’s to find the perfect bed for you. If your mattress just isn’t doing it for you, think of it more as an investment rather than a cost. The hours you’ll get back as a result of a better sleeping experience is a return in itself. You can even check our Bedstar’s mattress finder, which will help you choose the perfect bed.


With the government’s concerns about the amount of sleep the middle aged are getting, it’s time to seriously think about how much sleep you get.


The real question is, do you get your full 8 hours?

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