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Next Day Delivery with Bedstar

Next Day Delivery with Bedstar

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Posted: Aug 21, 2015 08:49
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Synopsis: Choose a new Bed or mattress and receive next day delivery with our just in time delivery service.

So your bed is on its last legs, or maybe it’s just gone ahead and collapsed. Maybe you’re so sick of your awful, garish bed that the very thought of sleeping another week on the dreadful thing sends shivers down your spine.


Well, not to worry, at Bedstar we’ve got you covered with next day delivery.


The lowdown on next day delivery


Say you’ve chosen your perfect bed. You’ve gone through the finances and you can easily afford it. You’re comfortable that this bed is for you. You’re so excited over the thought of your luxurious, naturally filled, pocket sprung Divan bed, that you want it now. Well, if we could transport it straight into your bedroom we would, but we can’t. Don’t worry though, we can offer you something just as good.


If you order before 1pm the day before, we’ll get your brand new bed to you the very next day. That big, bulky order will be loaded, transported and delivered safe and sound straight to your doorstep.


So go on, what’s the catch?


Honestly, there’s no catch.


For all orders over £299, next day delivery is free. For any order less than £299, we charge £15 for next day delivery, but this is our normal surcharge for any type of delivery, so ordering via our next day delivery service costs you nothing more than it normally would.




What products can I order for next day delivery?


We’re the only retailer that offers next day delivery on Divan beds, so if you’re after a brand new Divan, ordering through Bedstar is your number one choice.


For any other orders, just choose your product and if next day delivery is available, select it and it will automatically be placed on your order.


Some products cannot be shipped the very next day. For some products we offer two-day delivery, and for some products we can only offer you standard delivery. We do try our best though!


So if you need your bed and you need it quick, check out our fantastic range of Divan beds, and make sure you order before 1pm for next day delivery.


Happy sleeping!

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