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Product Focus: Kaydian Design Accent - Fabric Ottoman Bed Frame

Product Focus: Kaydian Design Accent - Fabric Ottoman Bed Frame

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Posted: Aug 24, 2015 15:01
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Synopsis: the Kaydian Accent Ottoman bed offers a luxurious and contemporary style with a modern twist and on trend fabrics.

Product Overview


The third Kaydian in our product focus campaign is the Design Accent. It is a Fabric Ottoman Bed Frame, the Ottoman being the popular series we have reviewed in our previous articles.


A lower price than the KaydianWalkworth Ottoman, the mid-ranged Accent frame resembles its Walkworth counterpart, as it also comes with the lift-up feature that makes this range extremely popular.


Where the two differ is in their size, which we will explore further in the features overview section.


Features Overview


Again, the Accent comes with the revolutionary lift-up system, creating an extra dimension of space, perfect for the storage of clothes and other personal objects. There’s no need to worry about your belongings becoming mouldy due to its well ventilated frame.


The Accent will make you wonder how you ever managed to live without the storage space this bed provides.


This bed comes in three sizes; double, kingsize and super kingsize. To see all measurement specifications, please visit the product page for more information.


The Accent comes in slightly larger than the Walkworth. The Walkworth double comes in at 204 x 134cm whilst the Accent comes in at 221 x 155cm, which results in the Accent being the bulkier of the two.


The Accent comes with 1 years product warranty, so you can be sure you’ll be getting a quality bed and if the worse does happen, you’ll be covered.


Price & Delivery


Entry price for this bed is £599.00. A kingsize frame will set you back £649.00 and the super kingsize frame comes in at £749.00.


All these products can be financed. To find out more information please visit the finance page.


Next day delivery is free as standard on all products priced over £300. So if you need your new bed frame quick, trust Bedstar to get it to you safe and sound.

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