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Product focus: Kaydian Design Bowburn Leather TV Bed

Product focus: Kaydian Design Bowburn Leather TV Bed

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Posted: Aug 21, 2015 13:13
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Synopsis: Check out Kaydian flagship TV bed finished in a luxurious leather

Established in 2004, Kaydian has become one of the Britain’s leading manufacturers in stylish and comfortable bedsteads. Kaydian craft with a range of leather, faux and fabric covers, so whether you’re looking for a traditional or a contemporary design, you’ll be sure to find it here.


Kaydian specialises in upholstered bedsteads, and this really shines through with the Kaydian Design Bowburn Leather TV Bed, a perfect accompaniment with a stylish, modern bedroom.


Beautifully bound in leather, this bedstead comes with a built in TV compartment as standard.


Read on below for more information about theKaydian Design Bowburn Leather TV Bed’s features.


Features Overview


Firstly, the bed comes in three sizes; double, kingsize and super kingsize. For exact dimensions, all the information can be found on the product page.


The frame is made from a mixture of materials. The frame is made from solid hardwood, perfect for endurance. The center rail is made from metal and the base is made from a high resilience posture sprung base. These high quality materials create a safe and secure bed frame, set to last for many years.


The real selling point for this bedframe is the integrated TV that sits firmly in the foot end of the bed frame. The TV rest is remote controlled, so whether you’re relaxing with your partner, or you’ve kicked back to watch your favourite film, the TV will glide out seamlessly ready for your viewing pleasure.


This bed doesn’t include a mattress or television. If you’re looking for the perfect mattress and you need a little help, find it here.


Price and Delivery


Right now the Bowburn is priced at £998.00, placing this bed firmly in the premium part of the market. This bed has been reduced from £1248.00 though, so if you’re thinking of purchasing one, do it now to save £250.


Bedstar offers next day delivery as standard when ordering before 1pm. So if you want this bed quick, order with Bedstar for safe and secure delivery.

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