6 Common Mistakes When Buying a Mattress

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6 Common Mistakes When Buying a Mattress

Buying a mattress isn’t rocket science, but there is a fair bit to consider. Thankfully, getting the basics right is easy – all you need to do is avoid six common mistakes that most people make, and you’ll be golden.

What are those mistakes? Find out below!

1. Going for the expensive hybrid mattress you see on TV

The glossy mattress brands you see on TV have great products, but the price tags are astronomical. Around 15% of your price is advertising costs, so you can get better deals with brands that don’t enter ad slot bidding wars.

Brands like Sleepeezee and Mlily make fantastic hybrid mattresses that are superior in design to television brands for the same price or less. Simply put, you can save money by doing a little research into alternative brands. 

2. Choosing the wrong firmness 

You should pick a firmness rating based on your body weight. The heavier you are, the firmer your mattress should be.

Firmness is relative, so someone under 130 lbs will find a soft mattress firm, and someone over 220 lbs will find a firm mattress soft.

Here’s what we recommend:

  • Medium soft – under 130lbs
  • Medium – 140lbs to 170lbs (side sleepers up to 200lbs will also benefit from a medium mattress for softer compression)
  • Medium-firm – 171lbs to 210lbs (back and combination sleepers should choose a medium-firm mattress)
  • Firm – 220lbs+ (firm mattresses are best for heavier people due to the extra support and those who benefit from an orthopaedic mattress).

Also – consider your other half and how much they weigh compared to you. If there’s a big difference, the heavier person should sacrifice some firmness.

3. Ignoring advice about sleeping positions

Trust us when we say that your primary sleeping position is critical in the type of mattress you should buy.

Side sleepers need a squishy surface to compress into, like memory foam or latex foam (medium mattresses are usually the best), and back sleepers need a squishy feeling, too, but with more support (medium-firm is best).

If you weigh over 220 lbs and are a side sleeper, choose a firm mattress with at least 4cm of memory foam.

Tummy sleepers always need a firm mattress – a soft mattress will not support you on your stomach and could cause acid reflux.

4. Not considering edge support

You need fantastic edge support if you sleep at the edge of your mattress (perhaps you have a child who sleeps in the middle).

Our favourite medium mattress is the Sleepeezee Jessica. Check out the Mlily Bamboo Superb Ortho if you need a medium-firm mattress. 

Buying a Mattress? Try the Sleepeezee Jessica Support 5FT Kingsize Mattress
Pictured: Sleepeezee Jessica Support 5FT Kingsize Mattress

5. Not factoring in breathability

Some mattresses sleep hot. Memory foam is notoriously bad for breathability, and some mattresses lack a vented border, preventing airflow upwards and making you sweat. 

If you want a memory foam mattress, gel-infused memory foam (memory gel) dissipates heat, or you can get charcoal-bamboo memory foam like with the Mlily Superb, with the charcoal-bamboo increasing porosity in the foam.

A vented border is also crucial for breathability because air penetrates the mattress upwards, helping heat escape.

6. Not considering genuine user reviews

You can skip reviews in magazines/blogs that are sponsored or have affiliate links since the author is incentivised to put a positive spin on things. Trustpilot is also helpful but geared towards brands/retailers rather than products.

It’s better to read user reviews; retailer websites are the best place for these. For example, Bedstar lets verified buyers leave reviews. Most national retailers have lots of reviews to give you an accurate picture.

Otherwise, Google “mattress name + reviews” and see what comes up. See if there’s any forum chatter or Google user reviews. And if something turns you off, note it and compare it to similar products.

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