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Sleep like a Baby: Sleeping Advice for Adults

Sleep like a Baby: Sleeping Advice for Adults

Category: Sleep Talk
Posted: Aug 28, 2015 09:14
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Synopsis: Struggling to reach slumberland? Checkout our useful guide and you'll be sleeping like a baby in no time.

Modern day life is so stressful that when it comes to the point where you collapse into bed for eight hours of comfortable, soothing sleep, you somehow spend most of the night twisting and turning under your duvet as you stare at the ceiling, begging for just a couple more hours.


That’s not right, and you need to sort that out. With kids, the mortgage, bills and work to deal with, sleep is the only time you can actually do nothing. If you can’t sleep, you can’t escape, and so we’re going to try and help you out with that.


Here’s four things you can do to help you drift off into a wonderful night of slumber.


Turn off those devices


We’re not just talking about mobile phones; although it has been suggested that leaving the phone downstairs can help you sleep. We’re talking about all those blinking lights you might have in your room. Studies suggest that even the smallest source of unnatural light can distract you as you sleep. That little light on the bottom of your TV, or even the small lights on your DVD player, they can all distract you as you try to sleep. It’s like someone shining a laser pen as you try to drift off. It’s not going to help at all.


Sort out your duvet


‘One duvet to rule them all is’ not a phrase you heard on Lord of The Rings, and there’s a good reason for that (apart from the fact it’s a dreadful line). Duvets are measured in tog(s), and are designed for certain times of the year. The higher the tog the more warmth it will retain. That thick winter duvet you’re using in June is only going to cause you to sweat so much that you’ll be in and out of it quicker than Ed Miliband and the labour party. If you’ve only got the one, take a look at some others and buy a duvet that’s season specific.


Get a new mattress


That lumpy old mattress will not help out against your battle with insomnia.


If you don’t know whether you need a new mattress take this test: sleep on the floor for one night, if you drift off to sleep quicker than last night, get a new mattress.


Buying a new mattress is pretty tricky nowadays, so if you’re unsure about what type you need, why don’t you utilize our mattress finder.



Make sure your bed is big enough


Once again, this is common sense but so many people miss the obvious fact that their bed is too small. Beds are available in a number of sizes beyond double, in fact, super kingsize - the largest size - is so much bigger than a double that when you get in it for the first time you won’t feel like you’re packed on a Northern Rail train anymore, you’ll feel like you’re in paradise.


If you’re stuck with a single bed, then upgrade to a double, and whilst you might lose space you’ll gain a lot more sleep. Then again, if you choose a bed with under storage, you’re winning both ways.

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