What to look for when buying a headboard?

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Buying a headboard

Nothing finishes off a bed more elegantly than a beautiful headboard. The headboard is the piece of furniture at the head of the bed.

A headboard’s basic function is to stop pillows falling down the back of the bed, and also to stop you from hitting your head on the wall behind. However, headboards now are seen as more than just a necessity.

Headboards come in all of the required sizes to fit standard size beds, 2FT 6″ Small Single (75cm), 3FT Single (90cm), 4FT Small Double (120cm), 4FT 6″ Double (135cm), 5FT King size (150cm) and 6FT Super King size (180cm).

Sweet Dreams Ottowa 4FT 6 Double Fabric Headboard. Buying a headboard.
Pictured: Sweet Dreams Ottowa 4FT 6 Double Fabric Headboard

There are also countless finishes for headboards. They also are now available in a wide range of different materials and styles. Fabrics include Chenille and Damask as well as faux leather and suede. A wide range of wood, metal and genuine leather headboards is also available.

Most good headboards contain a very important design element – divan fixing posts. If you are going to be using a headboard in conjunction with your divan bed, use the fixing posts to avoid the headboard moving around as the bed shifts on the floor.

Video: How to fit a headboard to your bed.

Like most things in the bedroom, your headboard acts as a style statement, so it’s worth doing a bit of research before you buy one. You should think what material you like, whether you want a simple rectangular design or a more lavish padded design. All of the different materials and designs have their own merits. For example, upholstered headboards give you more comfort where wooden headboards can give you sturdiness.

Cleaning is also a consideration. Fabric headboards will need to be cleaned and could become stained, whereas wooden and steel headboards will simply need to be polished.

Because a headboard can be a dominating feature in your bedroom, you should also take into consideration the design of your bedroom.

For example, a large headboard in a dark coloured fabric can make the room feel smaller. Conversely, a large headboard in a lighter colours will create the illusion of more space in the bedroom, providing a more airy feel.

Giltedge Express Solo Divan Bed, including matching headboard in a dark fabric finish.
Pictured: Giltedge Express Solo Divan Bed, including matching headboard in a dark fabric finish.

Many manufacturers produce ranges of matching headboards, wardrobes, cupboards, dressers and bedsteads to allow you to maintain the style of your bedroom furniture uniformly.

It is worth buying a headboard in a matching style when buying a bedroom furniture set, as this will not only finish off the look of your bedroom, but the range may have become obsolete in a couple of seasons when you are finally ready to add the headboard to your collection 

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