Small Bedroom Ideas 2023 – 10 Great Tips

How to make the most of your small bedroom
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Small Bedroom Ideas 2023

You can transform any small bedroom into a chilled-out relaxation spot with the right colours, patterns, furniture, and storage.

The trick is to use only the necessary furniture, save space with dual-purpose furniture, and measure everything before buying it. You can then play with colours and patterns to make your area feel more significant than it is.

Here are our best small bedroom ideas for 2023:

Get an ottoman bed for abundant storage 

Cramming a bulky bed into a small bedroom significantly reduces the floor space you must play with. To maximise space, you want an ottoman.

Ottoman beds use the whole bed base as storage with a lift-up mattress platform, big enough for shoes, bedding, clothes, towels or anything else you need to stash. You can also get small boxes to keep everything orderly in there.

Small Bedroom Ideas 2023,  Kaydian Design Carlton Ottoman Bed - Anthracite.
Pictured: Kaydian Design Carlton Ottoman Bed – Anthracite

Light, fresh colours are best.

Dark walls make spaces look smaller and dark furniture takes up more visual space, so keeping things light in small bedrooms makes sense.

White is the best colour for walls, and if you want a bit of colour, create a feature wall behind your bed with a pastel shade. Furniture should be light oak/pine, white or light grey, and décor should be colourful or light.  

Get blinds, not curtains. 

If your windows are suitable for blinds, then do it! Blinds take up less space than curtains and let you maintain privacy. Another advantage of window blinds is they let you play with light by tilting light into your bedroom.

Use striped wallpaper to trick the eye.

Vertical stripes make ceilings look higher and horizontal lines make walls look longer. You can use these clever tricks to make your bedroom look bigger than it is.

Striped wallpaper that follows the flow of your bedroom also builds rhythm into your space, helping you move the eye to create a sense of scale.

Free up floor space with narrower bedroom furniture 

People’s biggest mistake when buying furniture for small bedrooms is not considering the depth of the furniture. Little furniture is your best friend for preserving floor space; you can always build up to maintain storage space.

Tidy shoes without eating into floor space with a shoe cabinet

Shoe cabinets are narrow cabinets that don’t take up too much floor space. They can store several pairs of shoes, including boots and heels.  

The IKEA Bissa is a prime example, available with two or three compartments. Because of these narrow cabinets, you can push them against a wall in small spaces, and the top doubles up as a small tabletop for a lamp.

Small Bedroom Ideas 2023, BISSA Shoe cabinet with 3 compartments, black/brown.
Pictured: BISSA Shoe cabinet with three compartments, black/brown

Replace bedside tables with bedside shelves

Squeezing bedside tables into a small bedroom is never a good look. A better solution is bedside shelves, which float beside your bed and occupy no floor space. If you don’t have any space beside your bed, you can add a frame above your headboard.

Make use of every corner.

The corners of your bedroom are perfect for shelves, baskets, stands, and corner furniture, increasing storage and preserving floor space. Corner wardrobes are a big win if you can fit one because they are positioned out of the way.

Use dual-purpose furniture

Dual-purpose furniture is a life-saver in small bedrooms because it ensures you have the storage you need without eating into floor space. Look for wardrobes with drawers, beds with storage, and dressers with shelves.

Small Bedroom Ideas 2023, Giltedge Beds Divan Base.
Pictured: Giltedge Beds Divan Base

Use the back of your door for storage.

The back of your bedroom door is ripe for clever storage solutions. Something as simple as an overdoor hanger for your dressing gown and onesies makes a big difference, freeing up storage in other areas of your bedroom.

You can also get back-of-door shoe racks, back-of-door storage pockets for shoes, bits and bats, and back-of-door shelves and baskets. Remember to measure the storage you buy so that it won’t restrict the door from opening.

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