Take The Mattress Quiz And Find Your Perfect Mattress

Has your mattress given up on you? You’ve probably been putting off getting a new one for quite some time! This is not unusual as most people spend years crafting their ideal sleeping position, and take great pleasure in knowing each lump, bump and curve that gives their own mattress such a unique feel. This over time can leave us feeling quite attached to our slumber-bound friend but unfortunately this friendship doesn’t last forever!

As a mattress starts to reach the end of its life the comfort and support layers that once gave us such a comfortable night’s sleep will deteriorate to a point where the restless nights will start! You will start tossing and turning to find a position that’s comfortable and never really managing it, and ultimately when it comes to a point of no return you will start  waking up with lower backache and bleary eyed from fitful sleep, this I’m afraid can only mean one thing.It’s time to go shopping. 

Choosing a new mattress can be a difficult process at the best of times and is a very important decision. Firstly in many cases it’s a product you are going to use almost daily for the next several years and spend up to a third of your life lying on, so picking the wrong type could be the difference between a blissful night’s sleep and a terrible one. Secondly if you have ever taken a trip to your local bed store then the choice can seem overwhelming with many different brand products offering the latest type of comfort, with an array of technology that can confuse the best of us and have us running for the door.

What type of mattress you can pick?

Well here at Bedstar we not only want to make it as simple as possible in purchasing your mattress but we want to help you understand what factors influence the type of mattress you need and why you need it! So we’ve created a helpful online quiz with a number of multiple choice questions that will help determine what type of mattress is best suited to you. The quiz analyses data on your body type, how you prefer to sleep, what type of feel you prefer and combines this to offer you a combination of comfort and support suggestions and what you should be looking for in a mattress to get the best night’s sleep possible.

We hope the results will help you understand the different core elements of a mattress and how these will benefit you based on your answers. The results page will also give you several suggestions of mattresses that closely match your required comfort and support requirements taking any guesswork out of selecting your next mattress.

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