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That Finishing Touch: What Your Bedframe Says About You

That Finishing Touch: What Your Bedframe Says About You

Category: Sleep Talk
Posted: Sep 1, 2015 15:34
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Synopsis: whether its style, beauty or functionality! What does your choice of bed say about your personality.

We all have specific ways to explore our character. We dress in a certain way, listen to certain bands and eat certain food, these are all extensions of our personality. These things are being judged constantly by the media, but why does your bed escape any scrutiny?


At the end of the day, you spend a third of your life on the thing. Literally, at the end of the day because, you know, you sleep at night.


Anyway, jokes aside, take a look at how your subconscious really made the decision about which bed frame you bought.


Bold & Regal Metal


When you’re searching for that perfect metal frame you’re looking for elegance and beauty. Metal frames have the potential to create scrumptious regal curves capable of provoking admiration, and maybe even fear, from friends and foes alike.


Some would say they look garish and cold but you think differently. To you they look stylish, sleek and strong. People would take one look at the Julian Cadiz and run away as fast as they can, but you stand tall, and take in this ivory finished masterpiece and accept the bold statement it creates in your beautiful, unique bedroom.


Your metal frame says you’re strong, driven and willing to succeed. No wooden or fabric nonsense, just plain old metal. Fit for purpose and gets the job done.


Sleek & Beautiful Wood


If you’re searching for a wooden frame there’s a good chance you’re at one with nature. Your love of all things outdoors has driven you to bring it into your bedroom. You adore the look and feel of naturally sourced wood so much that the Serene Eleanor is pretty much all you need in life. The thought of putting something metal or leather in your holistic bedroom filled with beautiful wooden furniture is beyond reason.


The contemporary look to wooden bedframes is something pretty much unique to the wooden range. After all, we’ve been using wood for as long as we can remember. It’s only right then to pay homage to this wonderful design by having one if your bedroom. Its statement is subtle but noticeable, and doesn’t command as much of the room as some other materials.


Warm, friendly and loving of all things natural; your bed frame exemplifies your personality perfectly. Rich, smooth and loving, wooden bedframes create a warmth that you cannot get from something made out of leather or metal. You’re just not cold enough for a bed made out of metal.


Posh & Elegant Leather


If you’re elegant, wealthy and somewhat decadent, a leather bedframe might be your perfect choice. Imagine lying on this KaydianBamburgh with your servants surrounding you as you scoff on chocolate laden strawberries. Leather looks posh and you’re probably rather posh yourself. So posh you’re not actually reading this; your manservant is.


Leather beds are beautiful, that cannot be denied. That sophisticated look they give off really speaks wonders about you. You’re smart, classy and always stand out from the crowd. You know your table manners. You know which spoon to use for soup and which one to use for desert. Your elegance is the envy of all. That’s why you sleep on leather.


Modern & Cool Fabric


So you’re the cool kid in the playground who has all the latest gadgets and gizmos. Well you’re not a kid, you’re an adult who has the best keyboard in the office. You’re always keeping up with modern trends, you know the difference between a laptop and a chromebook and you’ve watched every episode of the Gadget Show. That’s why every night you go to sleep on the Rylon Memphis, because you know, you’re cool.


Fabric fits in everywhere. It’s one of the most versatile products on the market. Its natural colours allow it to lie incognito, not making any statement at all. Fabric beds are perfect for eclectic rooms, for people who like a bit of everything. Just like you, fabric beds keep up with the times, somewhat like its wooden counterpart, apart from the fact that fabric is the new kid on the block.


Just like yourself, you snazzy thing.


If this article has opened up your mind and you need a new bed frame, take a look at our collections here:


●     Metal

●     Wooden

●     Leather

●     Fabric

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