Adopt One of the Latest 15 Bedroom Colour Trends to Give Your Bedroom a New Look

Bedroom Colour trends and styles

When it comes to designing your bedroom it can be a stressful time. Will it look perfect? Can I get everything I need? How much will it cost?

That’s why it is so important to find the right design and pick the look that reflects you. Here, the guys at will look at some of the latest designs that you must consider for your bedroom.

Boho Chic Colour Palette for the Bedroom

The bedroom is more than just a place to rest your head. Nowadays, it has many different functions, from someone to work, to a spot to sit and read, enjoy your games console or your favourite shows. There’s a lot to do!

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So, when designing this room, you can make it what you want to reflect your lifestyle.

Opt for the warm side of the colour wheel, which includes terracotta, oranges, creme, and mustard yellow. Shades of terracotta orange add a boho vibe to this bedroom, especially when teamed with other bohemian bedroom ideas, such as rattan, bamboo, wicker furniture, and mid-grey walls.

Bedroom Colour Trends
Opt for the warm side of the colour wheel

Scandinavian Inspired Bedroom Designs Create a Smart Clean Look

Another option for your room is to follow the Scandinavian-inspired look, which couldn’t be simpler. It’s about keeping your room simple, much like a minimalistic approach, and having quality pieces of furniture and accessories to ensure that your room has a smart and slick look to it. When complete, your room will look modern and fresh!

Scandinavian Style Bedroom. Colour Trends 2021.
Pictured: Oak Bed Scandinavian Bed Frame available from Bedstar

To complete this look, we advise you to go for a modern Scandinavian designed wooden bed, along with a neutral duvet set. It should have sharp lines made of wood and come in either brown or white regarding bedroom furniture.

Staying with the theme, the colours need to be safe and can’t vary too much – so if you’ve more wacky ideas and want to make a real statement with your bedroom, then this design isn’t for you.

However, throw in a foam mattress and maybe a leather bed (which have become increasingly popular) from our impressive range, and not only will your room look fashionable, but you’ll also be sleeping in comfort.

Serene Tivoli Faux Leather Bed Frame.
Pictured: Serene Tivoli 4FT 6 Double Faux Leather Bed Frame – Black. Available from Bedstar

Customise your headboard

Something so little, but it could have a huge impact on the outlook of your room. Yep, changing the perception and view of your room doesn’t require wholesale changes. Instead, customise your headboard, and you will achieve a whole new look.

Giltedge Beds Chloe Floor Standing Headboard – Floor Standing, Unique diamond design with buttoned detail
Available from Bedstar

You can do that by adding a comfier material, a bright colour, or even go for an L-shaped design. Each will change the way your room looks and feels to you.

It also gives you a lot of freedom as there are various options to choose from and of course, the decision is entirely up to you.

As well as that, changing the headboard will not hit you as hard in the pocket as some of the other designs that require major changes, so it may be worth considering.

So, there you have it. A few of the latest trends and fashion options that can help you make your bedroom all the more special. Obviously, there are many more options out there, and you must find the right one. Whether you adopt one of these styles or go down your own path, you should check out Bedstar’s finance packages which may make your grand ideas all the more affordable. Get what you want, and make the changes!

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