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Tips On Getting To Sleep In Warmer Weather

Tips On Getting To Sleep In Warmer Weather

Category: Sleep Talk
Posted: Jul 2, 2015 16:18
Synopsis: With the summer finally arriving in style and pushing most of the UK into a heatwave, here's a helpful guide to keep you feeling cool in the bedroom

Having your bedroom the same temperature as a mini oven isn't helpful when you’re trying to get to sleep, as most of us Brits are used to snuggling up between the sheets. When the thermometer heads north of 30 Celsius and the humidity jumps to sweat inducing levels, it leaves most of us feeling quite uncomfortable and scratching our heads thinking of ways to feel cooler!


Below is a guide offering some helpful tips and suggestions on how to keep you and your bedroom cooler on summer nights.


Keep your curtains closed

This simple but effective little tip will keep the warmth of the sun out of your bedroom, and the temperature a few degrees cooler when it’s time for bed. If you want to take this a stage further, think about investing in curtains with a breathable fabric as this will help outside air circulate around the room.


Open your windows

Get those windows opened up and get a breeze coming through! If your bedroom has duel aspect windows either side, then make sure both are open, as this will help create a draft and will keep the room from heating up. Unfortunately this might not be possible for some people from a safety point of view, especially if your bedroom is on the ground floor.


Have a warm drink

A warm drink before going to bed will not only help you feel naturally drowsy, but it will also raise your body temperature, which will help to make the room feel cooler. Drinking will also keep you hydrated; something that's especially important in warm weather as you don’t want to be waking up in the middle of the night feeling thirsty.



This popular option seems to help out in most situations! Alcohol will help make it easier for you to fall asleep but, take heed, it will also lower your threshold for waking up! This one’s your call!


Change your duvet for a lighter one

Decreasing the tog of your duvet will let more of your body heat escape out of the bed, which will in turn have you feeling less uncomfortable.


Add a mattress topper

Adding a topper with temperature regulating properties to your existing mattress will reduce the heat build-up, and in turn mean you are less likely to wake up in the middle of the night.


Invest in a new mattress

If you find you regularly get hot in bed, it could be because of the fillings in your mattress. As comfortable as they are, they might not be too breathable, which can cause heat retention and leave you feeling hot and bothered. A range of mattresses are available that are dual-sided, incorporating warmer fillings on one side and cooler on the other. This is a perfect solution as the nights start warming up, as you can flip the mattress and instantly get a cooler sensation.

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