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Top 5 Films For Snoozing

Top 5 Films For Snoozing

Category: Sleep Talk
Posted: Oct 1, 2015 10:00
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Synopsis: Fancy a little afternoon snooze? Checkout our top 5 films to help you along to the land of nod!!

Top 5 films for snoozing

So youíre feeling a little sleepy but you fancy a bit of telly before you go to bed. Nothing good is on so you reach for your DVD rack but canít quite decide what you want to watch. You want something that you can drift off to; something that wonít keep you awake. Well, weíre going to help you out with the 5 best films you can fall asleep to.

Shawshank Redemption

Sure, itís a good film but itís definitely one that youíve got to be awake to truly enjoy. The great thing about Shawshank is that thereís an awful lot of talking and no so much action. Andy Dufresne is kinda boring and just mopes about the prison. Heís not the most entertaining character. The thing that will knock you out is Morgan Freemanís narration. Heís got the right kind of voice that will put you asleep. Trust us, if he did Childrenís audio-books heíd have kids asleep before the first page. Itís definitely that kind of film.

2001: A Space Odyssey

A brilliant movie in its own right; a true masterpiece. Stanley Kubrick's sci-fi thriller certainly has the potential to keep you awake; but then again youíve got the music, and the soundtrack to this film is enough to put even the most hardened, sleepy Kubrick fan to sleep. Itís highs and lows, the beautiful music that orchestrates this film - itís putting me to sleep just thinking about it.

The Lion King

Oh, such a classic, such a magnificent piece of animation. The Lion King is one of those movies that you can watch as a child and as an adult and still appreciate the magnificence of Walt Disney Studios. It might be the fact that the film is so nostalgic it puts you to sleep like it did when you was five. The music again is great, the storyline is slow and dreamy. The only thing is youíll have to fall asleep before ĎHakunaMatata,í otherwise youíll be awake all night.

The Lord of the Rings

You can watch any of these films, especially the extended versions and find a point where you think to yourself Ďyou know what, I am a little bit bored right now.í Now, if you take that mentality to your bed before you fall asleep, then youíre going to fall asleep at the dull bits. Also, the music is so spectacularly soothing, youíre bound to fall asleep eventually.

The adverts before the movie

If youíre really tired, youíre probably going to fall asleep before the movie anyway. So donít bother choosing a movie, just find a DVD with the longest adverts. To improve your chances of dozing off before the film begins, why donít you purchase a TV bed for the all-in-one experience?

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