Why Do People Buy Divan Beds?

Divan bed.
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Divan beds offer practical benefits that traditional bed frames can’t match, from space-saving dimensions to integrated storage.

The fact divans come in umpteen colours and style things up even more with headboards adds to their appeal. Still, there are hidden benefits, too, like being part pre-assembled and supporting the latest hybrid mattress technologies.

Here’s why people buy a divan bed

Reason #1 – Divans Save Space

One of the best things about divan beds is their space-saving design. Unlike bulky bed frames, divans have a base the same length and width as the mattress. No protruding legs or corners are sticking out.

This streamlined silhouette fits perfectly against walls and in smaller bedrooms. Even in spacious master suites, the minimal divan profile prevents a cluttered look. Their compact shape lets you maximise every inch of bedroom real estate.

Reason #2 – Divans Have Storage

Another benefit of Divan is its hidden storage capabilities. Many divans feature convenient drawers built right into the base. Depending on the bed size, you’ll typically find options with 1, 2, 4, or even 6 drawers.

Double divans and super king divans provide the most storage space. The deep drawers are perfect for tucking away extra linens, clothes, shoes, accessories, and more. There is no need for overflowing closets or a chest of drawers with a storage divan.

Some divans take storage even further with an ottoman design. These beds have a hinged mattress base that lifts to reveal a large internal compartment. Ottoman divans are like having a built-in storage bench or trunk.

Reason #3 – Divans are Upholstered

Tired of metal and wood frames? Enter upholstered divans. These beds feature plush fabrics like velvet, crushed velvet, cotton, linen, and faux leather.

The soft, tactile upholstery makes divans extra cosy and inviting and enables you to add colour, texture, and style to your bedroom decor.

Giltedge Beds Eco Lux Divan Bed.
Pictured: Giltedge Beds Eco Lux Divan Bed

An upholstered divan looks far more prosperous than bare-bones bed frames. Tailored details like tufting, welting, skirts, and button trim up the luxury factor even more, turning a bedroom into a luxurious sanctuary.

Reason #4 – Divans are Easier to Assemble

Putting together a bed frame sounds simple enough. But those slats, side rails, and bolts can quickly become a headache. Divan assembly is a breeze compared to standard bed frames. These smart designs come in 2 or 4 main sections that easily bolt together.

Many are ready to use in minutes: no complicated instructions or tools are required. Unbox your divan pieces, pop them together, and enjoy. It’s the quick, painless way to gain a beautiful new bed.

Reason #5 – Divans are More Manoeuvrable

Moving bulky furniture like beds can be a chore. Enter manoeuvrable divans to save your back. Many divan bases come on wheels or gliders, so you can smoothly roll and slide them around on floors. This allows you to rearrange your bedroom layout anytime quickly.

Divans on castors are fantastic for hard floors. On carpets, you’ll want divans with felt gliders that gently slide without snagging. Either beats awkwardly lifting a cumbersome bed frame!

Glider-type foot.
Pictured: Glider-type foot, commonly used for carpets to prevent snagging of fibres.

Reason #6 – Solid Platform Supports All Mattress Types

The solid platform base of a divan provides excellent support for today’s most popular mattress types. Whether you prefer pure foam, hybrids, traditional pocket springs, or natural fillings, a divan has you covered.

These firm bases properly support mattresses ranging from plush soft to ultra-firm. Divans handle mattress depths over 20cm with no problem, although you may want a slatted frame for slimmer mattresses under 20cm.

Pictured: Silentnight Mirastar Comfort 4FT 6 Double Mattress (Save £300 on RRP!, Now £299)

Summing up

The combination of space-saving dimensions, integrated storage, plush fabric, and conveniently moveable bases make it easy to see why divans are so popular today.

When shopping for a new bed, pay attention to this versatile style. With many designs to suit any taste, the modern sleeper’s best friend is the divan bed.

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