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Small Single Beds

Small single beds are ideal when space is at a premium. A small single bed will hold a mattress 2FT 6' (75) wide and 6FT 3' (190cm) long. Popular for a childs room or guest room.


Small Single Beds

If youre looking for the perfect interim bed for the years between toddler and young child, then choose small single beds.
Small single beds make the leap from the cot a lot more manageable and ensures the experience of sleeping in a bigger bed much less stressful.

Why should you purchase a small single bed?

For those homes that lack space, small single beds are more practical than a full sized single bed. This is generally an issue with childrens bedrooms, which are usually a lot smaller than master bedrooms.

Simply by installing a small single bed you open up a whole new world of storage space, perfect for hording away all those toys and clothes.

What are the standards of small single beds?

At 75cm by 190cm, the small single bed is the smallest standalone bed in bedstar.co.uks range. There are some varieties though that can accommodate a shorter mattress at 175cm long.

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