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Sofa Beds

Save Space With A Sofa Bed

Looking to get the most out of your bedsit or spare bedroom? Then a sofa bed could be the perfect alternative to a big bulky divan bed. Sofa beds allow you to free up space that would be otherwise taken by a regular bed.In other words, these amazing products are great space savers.

If you’re living in a bedsit, you can relax on your sofa through the day and sleep comfortably on your sofa bed through the night. Imagine all the space you can save by combining your bed and sofa into one easy to use piece of furniture.

Futon Or Sofa Bed – It’s Your Choice!

The big debate – should I buy a futon bed or a sofa bed? It all depends on what you want out of your new piece of furniture. Sofa beds look more like a great piece of living room furniture whilst futons are generally cheaper,but may not fit in with your living room style.

Most sofa beds are made to look like sofas – futons are made to look like futons. It all depends on the style of your living room and what kind of furniture you need to realise your desired image.

Sofa Beds In A Range Of Styles

From leather sofa beds to modern fabric sofa beds, bedstar.co.uk has a huge range of amazing sofa beds which work by utilising different mechanisms. Our range of sofa beds either come with an integrated mattress in the base or a pull out mattress from the seating area. Either way, they’re extremely simple to use!

Get A New Sofa Bed By Tomorrow

Bedstar’s stock of sofa beds are available for next day delivery in the UK, so if you have guests staying on the spur of the momentand need a sofa bed, pick from our collection and your guests could be sleeping on it by tomorrow night!

These beds come in a range of sizes, similar to day beds, with most turning into a standard double bed. In 2015, sofa chairs have seen a rise in popularity, with their standard single bed accommodation coming into vogue.


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