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What happens if my item develops a fault?

What happens if my item develops a fault?

Category: After Sales Support
Posted: Jan 22, 2019 09:39
Synopsis: What happens if my item develops a fault

All of the products we sell on the Bedstar website come with a standard minimum 1 year warranty from date of delivery. Some products can carry an extended warranty which will be outlined in the individual product details on the website.

If for any reason your product develops a fault please get in touch with our customer services team by either contacting them on the dedicated support line 0844 880 1570 or by filling in the customer support form on the following link

Customer support form

If the fault is visible in any way we strongly recommend you take photographs and send these to us on the form above. Photos of the fault will allow us to quickly access the problem and confer with the relevant supplier/manufacturer to get the mattress resolved as quickly as possible. This would normally consist of replacing the faulty part or product if the fault is easily identifiable.

If the fault is not visible please include a full description, giving as much details as possible into how the fault is effecting the quality and longevity of the product. The more information we have the quicker we can get this resolved with the relevant supplier/manufacturer and resolve the issue for you.

Please be aware if the product is outside of the warranty period we will be unable to replace the part/product free of charge and would need to advise on the appropriate costs involved to resolve the issue.

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