5 Types of Bed Frames – Which One is Best for You?

Birlea Bed Frame.
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Bed Frame Buying Guide

Bed frames are an important part of any bed, providing a reliable and comfortable base. They also give you the chance to put your own influence and stamp on your room because of the available styles and colours.

You can find bed frames that are leather, wooden and metal, among other finishes, with Bedstar and each style can serve a different purpose.

Metal Bed Frame

Metal bed frames are a modern, contemporary design that will fit perfectly in that bedroom. They generate a slick look and can come in all sorts of patterns, allowing you to pick your own design. There is also a range of colours and sizes available. So, if you’re looking for pink for the girls and blue for the boys, then metal bed frames are available in those colours.

Metal Bed Frame.


  • Slick look that fits easily into a variety of designs
  • Durability that allows them to withstand natural wear and tear
  • Good long-term option
  • Relatively cheap


  • It can be creaky and noisy if you are a restless sleeper
  • Not as environmentally friendly as alternatives

Price Range: £80 to £874

Wooden Bed Frame

Alternatively, wooden bed frames have a distinctive style ideal for specific rooms. Again, different colours and styles are available, which means they bring much more than just a strong base to the room.

We offer both quality pine and oak beds, which give you two great options to choose from. Both have been crafted to give you durability, strength, and an attractive finish. As well as that, painted colours enable you to have more options to choose from.


  • Many different types of wood are available to choose from
  • A natural product that won’t require much maintenance
  • It has a distinctive look that can fit into many designs
  • Range of finishes available to create a modern look


  • More expensive than some other beds
  • Very heavy, which makes it difficult for people to relocate

Price Range: £89 to £1,799

Leather and Fabric Bed Frame

Yet, arguably, the most popular types of bed frames today come in leather and fabric offerings. Both ensure a powerful, strong look that will make your bed stand out and ensure ideal support for your mattress. Velvet is a particularly trendy choice, with its excellent texture and unique look ensuring a brilliant combination for the bed frame. Another choice is faux leather, which is artificial leather. It may not be the real thing, but it still ensures comfort and for a much lower price.


  • Luxurious and comfortable
  • The trendy look fits into many styles.
  • Modern choice


  • Generally speaking, it is more expensive than other choices.
  • It does not suit a traditional design.

Price Range:
£156 to £3,250 for a leather bed.
£129 to £2,461 for a fabric bed.

Ottoman Bed Frame

The Ottoman storage bed frames ensure you have some much-needed space, which can come in handy. It combines the bed with a large area underneath to store anything you want. You are spoiled for choice, whether it’s two or four draw options or a bigger single space.


  • Offers much-needed extra space
  • Allows you to store anything from clothes to toys
  • Still a comfortable and reliable bed


  • Usually, big beds, which may not fit into smaller rooms
  • It might not suit all styles

Price Range: £159 to £1,586

Divan Base

The Divan base provides a strong, reliable base that can enable you to get the perfect night’s sleep. There are shallow bases and taller bases, which can create a perfect style for your room. As well as that, you can have velvet bases or bases withdraws for space. You have plenty of options available.


  • Different styles can fit into different rooms
  • Strong, reliable base
  • Can go for extra storage space or specific materials


  • It can be very similar in design.
  • Fairly big, which makes it hard for those who relocate

Price Range: £149 to £536


At an affordable price and with thousands to choose from, you won’t go wrong when you visit Bedstar for your bed frames. And our range of flexible finance options makes it easier than ever to purchase your dream bed. You can ‘buy now, pay later,’ or even stage the payments from one to three years. Either way, if you’re worried about being able to afford your dream bed, our finance options will come as a great relief. Check the full details on our finance options page and decide which is best for you.

With reliability and quality guaranteed, the vast choices enable you to find something that suits your style. Whether it’s for a children’s room, the guest room, or your own room, the cheap bed frames available allow you to make any space even better.

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