Bed frame ideas for 5 year olds

How Do I Make My Kid's Bed More Comfortable?
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When picking the perfect big-kid bed for your 5-year-old, you’ll want something that sparks their imagination yet provides durability for years.

Classic single beds in natural wood tones or crisp white make timeless choices fitting their space well into the tween years.

Consider playful-themed beds shaped like cosy cabins, speedy race cars, or funky buses for extra fun! Novelty frames like these capture little daydreamers’ attention spans perfectly.

Though tempting, hold off on elevated mid-sleepers or bunk beds requiring ladders until age eight, when motor skills and safety awareness improve.

Focus first on sturdy, low-to-the-ground beds dressed up with their favourite bedding themes. This combination lets imaginations soar while keeping your lively 5-year-old safe through the night with minimal risk of injury from falls.

Classic bed frames for 5-year-olds

Julian Bowen Slocum

The Julian Bowen Slocum lends a crisp, modern look perfect for a five-year-old’s room with its light pine finish and airy slatted headboard. Durable construction carries a 1-year guarantee, while the sprung slat base promises mattress longevity and exceptional value.

Julian Bowen Slocum 3FT Single Wooden Bed Frame - Pine.
Pictured: Julian Bowen Slocum 3FT Single Wooden Bed Frame – Pine.

Julian Bowen Maine

Available in white or grey, the Julian Bowen Maine has a trick up its sleeve – a pull-out trundle guest bed perfect for sleepovers. The design is beautifully New England with a high headboard and built-in bookcase.

Julian Bowen Maine 3FT Single Bookcase Pull Out Guest Bed - White.
Pictured: Julian Bowen Maine 3FT Single Bookcase Pull Out Guest Bed – White.

Julian Bowen Manhattan

The Julian Bowen Manhattan is a fantastic bed frame for a five-year-old’s bedroom because it has two built-in drawers on wheels and a spacious bookcase built into the headboard. It’s a space-saving bed frame built to last years.

Julian Bowen Manhattan 3FT Single Bookcase Bed + Underbed Drawers.
Pictured: Julian Bowen Manhattan 3FT Single Bookcase Bed + Underbed Drawers.

Birlea Jessica

The Birlea Jessica bedframe brings light and chic style to a child’s retreat. Durable steel construction in a fresh white powder coat finish offers longevity, while the comfortable sprung slatted base adjusts to your little one’s movements for superior nighttime comfort.

Birlea Jessica 3FT Single Metal Bed Frame.
Pictured: Birlea Jessica 3FT Single Metal Bed Frame

Birlea Frankie Midi Sleeper With Slide – White

Bring your kid’s bedroom to life with the Frankie Midi sleeper with slide – Perfect for sleep and play! Thanks to its slide, getting out of bed has never been so fun.

Birlea Frankie Midi Sleeper With Slide - White.
Birlea Frankie Midi Sleeper With Slide – White

Fun beds for 5-year-olds

Birlea Teepee Bed

Let imaginations run wild with the Birlea Teepee bed. This adventurous grey and white teepee-shaped frame builds story time right into bedtime. Durable slatted base construction supports restful sleep while easy assembly opens the doors to enchanted slumber in their new secret hideaway.

Birlea Teepee Bed.
Pictured: Birlea Teepee Bed

Birlea Home Single Bed

The Birlea Home is a single bed with a fantastic house-themed frame above it, making it perfect for den-making kids. The grey or white frame is modern, and the solid slatted base is perfect for foam and pocket spring mattresses.

Birlea Home 3FT Single Wooden Bed - Grey.
Pictured: Birlea Home 3FT Single Wooden Bed – Grey.

Birlea Camden Cabin Bed

The Birlea Camden brings efficient design to pint-sized rooms with integrated storage drawers tucked beneath the sleep space. Durable MDF construction assembles quickly, while quality slats offer mattress support. Let their imagination climb to new heights in this smart, space-saving haven made just for kids.

Birlea Camden Cabin Bed.
Pictured: Birlea Camden Cabin Bed

Julian Bowen Grace Daybed

The sleek and stylish Grace daybed brings multipurpose possibilities to kids’ spaces. The durable white MDF construction includes integrated storage shelving, and you can specify a large under-bed drawer for custom storage solutions. Chic, adaptable and kid-ready, this design grows with your child.

Julian Bowen Grace Daybed.
Pictured: Julian Bowen Grace Daybed.

Mattresses for 5 year olds

Any high-quality open coil or pocket spring mattress will suit your five-year-old, providing it has a medium-soft or medium-firmness rating. A medium firmness rating is just soft enough for your child to squash into without it being too firm.

The Giltedge Beds Rome 3FT Single Mattress (medium soft) or Serenity Memory 1000 3FT Single Mattress (medium) will suit your child perfectly.

Serenity Memory 1000 3FT Single Mattress.
Pictured: Serenity Memory 1000 3FT Single Mattress

Alternatively, get a kid’s mattress like the JayBe Pocket Sprung Anti-Allergy, perfect for solid-slatted and sprung-slatted bed frames.

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