Difference Between A Platform Top Base And A Sprung Edge?

If you’re thinking of purchasing a new divan bed and you’re struggling to decide which one you should choose – between platform top and sprung edge – we’ve compiled a list of the most common questions and decided to answer them for you.

Good luck in your search for that brand new bed frame!

Edge – Do you mean only the edge of the frame is pocket sprung?

Of course not; with a sprung edge all of the frame has pocket springs attached to it. You’re not going to have to sleep on the edge to experience the comfort of a pocket sprung edge. The ‘edge’ pretty much refers to the whole of the base.

In terms of price; which one is more expensive?

A sprung edge is much expensive, with prices varying between £50-150 more than their platform tops counterparts. This is due to higher manufacturing costs, more materials being used and a longer building process.

In terms of difference; what am I actually paying for?

Ultimately you are paying for a comfier sleeping experience. The sprung edge provides an extra layer between you and the base, relieving pressure from multiple points.

If I prefer a firm sleeping experience, which one should I buy?

Whilst sprung edge frames provide more support, a platform top is the best choice for anyone looking for a firm sleeping experience. Ultimately, without the springs, you’re going to experience more of the bed frames natural rigidity.

Which frame is better for someone suffering with back pain?

It depends; if your back needs more support then go with a pocket sprung base. If you’ve been recommended to purchase a firm mattress, then sticking with a platform top might be the better option. Ultimately you should talk with your doctor before purchasing a bed frame that could benefit, or detriment your health.