How Do You Protect A Mattress When Moving House?

How do you protect a mattress when moving house?
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How do you protect a mattress?

There’s nothing more exciting or stressful than moving house, especially when you have what feels like the world’s belongings to pack. However, moving is pretty straightforward regarding mattresses – you only need to wrap it up and ensure it doesn’t move in transit.

This article covers how to protect a mattress when moving house with recommendations for wrapping, storage, and transport.

Let’s jump in!

Preparing your mattress

Firstly, consider cleaning your mattress before moving so that it’s nice and fresh for when you unpack. This article covers how to clean a mattress in eight steps – you can dry or wet clean it, depending on how filthy it is.

However, whether you clean your mattress or not, you should inspect its condition to have a reference point when you unpack (mattresses can get damaged in transit, so it’s good to know everything is sound).

Wrapping your mattress

The best way to wrap your mattress is with a heavy-duty, plastic mattress bag such as this one for sale on Amazon (non-affiliate link). The plastic is thick, waterproof, and low-friction, letting you slide your mattress up and down flights of stairs.

How do you protect a mattress? Mattress Storage Bags.
Pictured: Mattress Storage Bags for Moving House, Available from Amazon UK

Another option is a heavy-duty plastic dust sheet like this one for sale at Amazon. It won’t fit your mattress as well, but it’ll do the job.

If you don’t want to use plastic, you can wrap your mattress in recycled cotton dust sheets for sale on Amazon. However, while these prevent damage to your mattress, they will not let you slide it along the floor.

Avoid cling film (plastic wrap) because you will be there all day, and the thickness doesn’t offer anywhere near enough protection against abrasion (remember – your mattress will be slid across a van floor and bump into every surface imaginable).

Amazon Brand - Eono Single Pack Standard Dust Sheet.  How do you protect a mattress?
Pictured: Amazon Brand – Eono Single Pack Standard Dust Sheet

Carrying your mattress

Carrying a mattress is a two-person job – not because of strength limitations, but because a mattress tends to flop due to awkward weight.

When a mattress flops, immense strain is put on the metal springs and foam layers, which can permanently and irreparably damage your mattress. It’s always best for two people to grab both ends and load the mattress onto the van.

Transporting your mattress

Unless you have a dedicated mattress van, your mattress will be on its side while in transit. This is fine, provided it is propped against a solid surface (such as the side of the van) and secured with straps or wedged.

The most significant risk to side transportation is the mattress flopping over, which can bend metal springs and split foam layers apart.

However, side transport is still preferential to flat transport in a van filled with other things because it significantly reduces the risk of something falling on it.

Unloading your mattress

Like loading, unloading is a two-person job. Take care when manoeuvring it to the bedroom, and let it sit flat for an hour before unwrapping it.

After unwrapping, you can use the mattress immediately, but let it sit flat for at least an hour so the materials have time to settle.

If you find that the mattress feels a bit lumpy and odd in places, smacking it with the palm of your hand a few times can help to loosen it back up.

Should you buy a new mattress?

Many people buy a new mattress after moving house to demonstrate ‘out with the old, in with the new.’ However, buying a new mattress after moving doesn’t make sense unless you are re-using the old one in another room. We recommend purchasing a new mattress a few weeks before you move and getting rid of your old mattress then. A new mattress will comfort you and help you settle into your new home.

Good luck with your move!

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