How to Measure For a New Bed

Bed Size Guide. How to Measure For a New Bed.
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How to Measure For a New Bed

Measuring for a new bed isn’t rocket science, but there are a few things to know before purchasing.

The most critical thing is there is a difference between a mattress’s size and a bed frame’s dimensions. Many people make the mistake of measuring for a mattress rather than a bed, which can create problems during installation.

Additionally, many people need to pay more attention to the space a bed frame takes up, especially when upsizing to a small double or double from a single bed.

This guide on measuring for a new bed covers everything you need to measure up and buy a new bed frame confidently.

Let’s jump in!

How to measure for a new bed, generic bed dimensions

Bed frames are generally 1-2” (2.5-5cm) longer and wider than mattresses, pushing out from the wall 1-2” more. You can use this as a baseline to measure for a new bed using the standard UK mattress sizes below:

Use a tape measure to take measurements in your bedroom, and use the edge of a book or a stick to mark the edges on the floor.

Specific dimensions

While generic dimensions help find a baseline, you must also measure for any bed frame you like before buying. This will confirm whether your baseline measurement is on the money or if you need to find a smaller bed.

To measure up for a bed frame you like:

  • Write down the dimensions of the bed.
  • Take a tape measure and measure up in your bedroom

It is as simple as that.

How to measure for a new bed, measuring for access

Easy access depends on whether the bed frame comes pre-assembled (and to what extent) and how narrow and awkward your home is.

For example, divan bases typically come in one or two parts, making it impossible to get them up narrow, winding staircases. A flat-pack wooden or metal bed frame is more convenient in this instance.

To measure access:

  • Measure your doorway width
  • Measure your hallway width
  • Consider the placement of stairs
  • Ask your manufacturer for packaged dimensions

With these details, you can determine if access is an issue.

Suppose your staircase clearance isn’t sufficient to manoeuvre a pre-assembled ottoman bed inside. In that case, you might consider a zip and link bed or a metal bed in several narrow boxes.

Giltedge Beds Topaz Zip & Link 5FT Kingsize Divan Bed. How to Measure For a New Bed
Pictured: Giltedge Beds Topaz Zip & Link 5FT Kingsize Divan Bed

How to measure for a new bed and make the most of your space

If it turns out that your bedroom is not big enough to accommodate the bed you want, there are several ways to increase usable floor space.

Here are some top tips:

  • You can remove the skirting board directly behind your bed frame, pushing your bed flush against the wall. This will give you an extra 1.2-3.2cm.
  • You can get divan bases with no overhang, so they are the same length and width as the mattress – this will ensure no bed frame protrusion.
  • Traditional wooden and metal bed frames can take up extra floor space with protruding legs – look for flush edges to save space.
  • If you want a double bed, consider a small double instead – they offer the same 190cm length but are 15cm narrower.
  • Don’t forget that king-size beds are 15cm wider than doubles and 10cm longer, so you need more space in both dimensions.
  • If you buy a headboard separately, ensure it doesn’t push your bed frame out from the wall too much.
  • A low bed frame increases your bedroom’s sense of visual space by preserving vertical viewing space, making your bedroom look more prominent.

Hopefully, these tips give you a few ideas. The most important thing is to measure for the bed frame – not the mattress – so everything fits.

If you found this article helpful, read our guide to bed sizes and UK mattress size guide.


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