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Bamboo Memory Foam.
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Roll-Up Mattresses

Many people struggle to understand the concept of rolled-up mattresses. When in fact, knowing the steps behind this process makes it a lot easier to grasp. Generally, the first question most people ask is how such a big mattress fits in such a small box. Well, these mattresses follow a process that involves:

  1. Placed in a protective bag to ensure the mattress is not damaged in transit.
  2. Flattened down in a compression machine.
  3. Vacuum and heat-sealed.
  4. Then they are rolled using a tumbler and sealed again.

So when buying a rolled mattress, you don’t have to worry.

Benefits of roll-up mattresses

Regular mattresses have been the primary option for mattresses for over a century, so why change to a rolled mattress?

Read on to find out why a roll-up mattress is a great option.

  • They don’t have any effect on the environment. Vans can carry more rolled-up mattresses. Therefore, the delivery of your mattress will generally be a lot quicker because our drivers won’t have to embark on the same number of journeys to transport the mattresses, which means that they will be using less fuel.
  • Rolled-up mattresses are lighter. Therefore they are easy to manoeuvre. Meaning you won’t have the problem of having to wedge your mattresses upstairs or through tight doorways. You can now just easily carry the mattress into the room of your choice.
  • Rolled-up mattresses are always in stock, as a lot more can be stored.

Setting up your roll-up mattress

Once your mattress is in the room of your choice, follow these simple steps to get your mattress ready for use.

  1. Unpack the mattress and roll it out to its full size.
  2. Lie the mattress on the bed of your choice.
  3. Allow your roll-up mattress to expand slowly. It replaces the sucked-out air, gently returning it to its original size.

Although most will expand within an hour, they can take up to 24 hours to regain their original size. For instance, elements like fillings and size affect the amount of time it takes a roll-up mattress to expand.

Once your mattress is in the room of your choice, follow these simple steps to get your mattress ready for use.

Roll-up mattresses, should you buy one?

The main questions you may have now are, are rolled-up mattresses any good compared to other mattresses? A lot depends on the type and quality of the rolled-up mattress you buy. However, rolled-up mattresses might come with the practicality and assurance of easily purchasing a mattress that can fit into your car and is considerably cheaper. However, it would be best to consider a few things before buying a rolled-up mattress.

The first things you should consider are the material fibre and the components inside the mattress. One of the best options is a rolled-up mattress with pocket springs and long-lasting comfortable foam. Pocket spring-foam hybrid offers excellent support for your back and will provide the best feel. To get this high quality, you will have to pay more than if you’re getting a low-level mattress.

Also, some rolled-up mattresses come with memory foam. This increases the possibility of re-rolling it, meaning they can be a valuable thing to be able to roll out if friends are coming to stay, as then after the departure, you can roll it back up and store it for the next time you need its services.

The simple process of re-rolling a memory foam mattress is easy.

One of the drawbacks of putting people off rolled mattresses is the industrial smell, which can often come on a new rolled mattress, but fear not, as this usually only lasts 12-24 hours.

This may lead some customers to seek a different place to sleep for the first night after the purchase. Just due to the fact the smell may still be there, and it may not be back to its original shape.

JayBe Foam Free Sprung 3FT Single Mattress

Pictured: JayBe Foam Free Sprung 3FT Single Mattress, Ideal for bunk beds, this comfortable and environmentally conscious mattress is constructed with a medium firmness spring core to provide evenly distributed support for growing bones and muscles. Available now from Bedstar

The spring is topped with a high-density insulator pad to prevent spring feel and breathable Smart Fibre comfort layers, for durability and comfort. As well as offering substantial support for growing bones and muscles, the comfort layers we use in our children’s mattresses are engineered from recycled plastic bottles and sustainable fibres, diverting them from going into landfill.

Unlike foam, the unique structure of Smart Fibre enables the free flow of air through the mattress, actively reducing moisture buildup.

This helps to regulate body temperature and maintain an ambient sleeping environment. Jay-Be Smart Fibre is also free from VOCs and harmful chemicals. For even more cosiness, this Jay-Be children’s mattress is finished in a durable and soft woven fabric.

All Jay-Be Simply Kids mattresses are backed by a five-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Roll-packed for your complete convenience.

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