The Ultimate Buying Guide For The Best Teen Beds And Mattresses

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Teen Beds And Mattresses

Just like everyone else, teens need something that will fit their body type and sleeping position preference. As a parent, you want to find the best possible bed & mattress that will suit your teen.

Unlike the last, today’s generation utilizes much more tech gadgets, so it is critical your teen can get a good night’s sleep, thus ensuring they can meet the daily challenges expected of them. Teenagers have growth spurts at different times, so purchasing a bed and mattress bigger than they currently are will be worth every penny spent.

Sleep is necessary for everyone but essential for teenagers. It is well-known that consistently getting quality sleep promotes brain function, physical health benefits, and better school performance. The right mattress can help teens get the rest they need more quickly.

However, figuring out which mattress is the right one can be difficult, especially since many teens may not be excited to spend their free time going mattress shopping with their parents. You also need to determine the best mattress firmness for your growing teenager. You may want to consider the way your teenager sleeps.

Teen Beds And Mattresses. Capri 4FT Small Double Wooden Bed Frame.
Pictured: Capri 4FT Small Double Wooden Bed Frame

Sleeping positions are generally determined early on when we figure out the best for us. If you’ve ever seen a teenager sleep, you’ll know that they can get into strange positions, so it’s essential to understand this before looking for a mattress and which styles are best for different situations.

If your teen is a Stomach sleeper, it would be best to choose a Firm mattress, as this will provide the support needed to ensure the spine doesn’t curve.

Suppose they are a Side Sleeper. A soft memory foam mattress will support the way you sleep. The mattress will mould to your body contours.

If you are a Back Sleeper, almost any firmness is okay, though this depends on any existing neck or back issues, as Lumbar support is vitally important for someone who sleeps on their back. A Firm or soft mattress can be a suitable option.

Teenagers need 8-10 hours of sleep per night, though, with the amount of time spent on social media, etc., this is less likely to be the case, so it is even more critical that the right mattress is sought.

Though they are slightly more expensive, hybrid mattresses are a good choice for any teen. Comprising pocket springs and gel can relieve pressure on the body, and the infused gel will help regulate the body temperature and keep you cool throughout the day or night.

One thing to remember with any mattress for a teen is that it is important to check the height and thickness. This will, of course, depend on the weight of your teen.

Pictured: Giltedge Beds Chatsworth 4FT Small Double Mattress

Memory foam is all the rage now. It is excellent for back and side sleepers and offers soothing pressure relief. Sinking in all the right places will give the body great overall support.

Choosing the ideal bed:

Combining design and functionality is the key to choosing the ideal bed for your teenager. Most teens can be pretty fussy, so letting them have their say will prevent the typical eye rolls.

A bed that fits a teenager’s needs equates to more comfort, better support for the body, and one less barrier to a healthy sleep routine.

Choosing a bed for a teen depends on their personality and taste, not to mention the space they have in their bedroom. If space is limited, a high sleeper, mid sleeper, or cabin bed are excellent choices with generous built-in storage. This way, your teen will have more room and help avoid an untidy room.

Teenagers enjoy sleepovers, so another good option is a trundle bed, which can double up as a guest bed.

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