Star TV Ann TV Bed Review -Is it The Right TV Bed For You?

Star TV Ann TV Bed.
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Star TV Ann TV Bed

You can spend thousands on a TV bed, but those with a modest budget aren’t spoilt for choice either. The Star TV Ann is perfect, with a 2.1 speaker system and an ottoman base for abundant storage.

Available in double, king, and super king sizes, the Star TV Ann is a stylish bed offering a great entertainment experience from £1,299.

Is it the right TV bed for you? Please read our review to find out.

Quick review

The Star TV Ann is a mid-range TV bed with a 2.1 speaker system, a 43” TV mount, a console/TV box slot built into the side of the bed frame, and two USB ports built into the sides of the headboard for charging your devices. The frame has premium grey fabric, a ventilated mattress platform, and a padded headboard for comfort. The bottom line is the Star TV Ann is a comfortable and stylish way to watch TV in bed.

2.1 speaker system

Unlike cheaper TV beds that rely on TV speakers, the Star TV Ann has a 2.1 speaker system, with two 5w front-facing speakers and a subwoofer delivering excellent audio quality that can be adjusted to suit your preferences. You can also connect separate speakers, such as a soundbar or tweeters, with Bluetooth 5.2.

The integrated remote control has adjustable bass controls and volume buttons, giving you complete control over your audio experience.

Star TV Ann 4FT 6 Double TV Bed, with 2.1 sound system.
Pictured: Star TV Ann 4FT 6 Double TV Bed

Compared to the 4.1 surround sound system offered by the more expensive Star TV Titan, you are giving up two rear-facing speakers. Four speakers are better, but the 2.1 system in the Star TV Ann is around 80% as decent.

We have no qualms with the audio experience – you will love it.

TV mount

The Star TV Ann has a concealed TV mount built into a relatively slim headboard, so you wouldn’t know it is there without being told.

It houses a TV up to 43” and is compatible with OLED, LED, LCD, and other screen technologies, providing the TV is no thicker than 9 cm – a pretty standard thickness for modern TV sets from Sony, Samsung, LG, and the like.

We love the near-silent electric mount and the fact it automatically switches the television off when you lower it. The cables run underneath the bed, and you can connect a TV box or game console from the integrated side slot.

Upholstery and bed frame

The bed frame is exquisite, with a gently curved footboard and a stylish padded headboard. The dark grey fabric looks luxurious, with a subtle texture that catches the light in interesting ways.

It has an ottoman lift-up mattress platform, providing abundant storage space for bedding, clothes, and other bits and bats.

The double bed frame is undeniably chunky at 1,430mm wide and 2,270mm long, but not significantly more so than a standard upholstered bed frame. It’s around 5cm longer due to the TV mount in the headboard.

Star TV Ann 4FT 6 Double TV Bed - Grey. TV mount in headboard.
Pictured: Star TV Ann 4FT 6 Double TV Bed – Grey

The mattress platform has built-in ventilation to circulate air through the mattress, improving comfort in warm weather.

Thanks to the high headboard and footboard, you can use any mattress type with the Star TV Ann, with pocket spring mattresses ideal.

Building the bed takes around an hour and comes in several boxes with all the bolts and hardware required for installation.

Summing up

The Star TV Ann is a stylish, comfortable mid-range bed ideal for most viewers. The sound system is good, the mount is slickly operated, and the frame looks great.

At £1,299 for a double, £1,399 for a king, and £1,599 for a super king, it’s good value for money and offers a luxury home entertainment experience without breaking the bank.

If that sounds like your kind of TV bed, the Star TV Ann is well worth considering. It achieves a score of 9 out of 10. You can find more TV beds here.

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