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Why every relationship needs plenty of sleep

Why every relationship needs plenty of sleep

Category: Sleep Talk
Posted: Jul 1, 2019 08:43
Synopsis: Sharing a bed with a partner is one of the best parts of any relationship. But even dozing off with our loved one can be tricky as soon as snoring, uncomfortable beds and mobile devices enter the equation.

Why Every Relationship Needs Plenty of Sleep

A lack of sleep can destroy a relationship. There’s no two ways about it. It causes you to develop a variety of negative traits that rather than help you to keep building a strong relationship, will strive to pull it apart.

It’s no secret that sleep deprivation stops from your functioning at your best. Do you know, however, the damage it does to your relationship? If not, here’s how, and what you can do about the situation:

Your sense of humour suffers

The ability to make someone laugh is one of the most attractive qualities in a person. No one wants to be with someone who’s serious all the time. Deprive yourself of sleep and you do so, too, of the cognitive capacity to appreciate spoken humour. Basically, you won’t be much fun around your partner ― or around anyone else for that matter.

Your emotions go haywire

Get ready for major overreactions, either by yourself or from your partner if sleep is playing hard to get. A lack of sleep makes us react excessively to situations that, under other circumstances, wouldn’t trigger any stress. These reactions harm the relationship. Worst of all, we don’t even tend to notice our own behaviour. If you’ve got something serious to discuss, wait until the two of you have got a reasonable amount of rest before addressing the issue.

You’re ready for war

Okay, war’s a bit strong, but expect more conflict within the relationship. When one partner gets less sleep than the other, they show more negative emotions and are generally less agreeable. You’re going to disagree. That’s only natural. Be aware of how your lack of sleep is affecting you, though, so that you can keep your emotions in check, rather than let the sleep deprivation exacerbate them.

Your decisions won’t be the best

Relationships require immense sensitivity. They’re also full of decisions for you to make. Can you make the best decisions when you’ve not had the sleep to back them up? Can you truly appreciate the consequences your decision might have? The likely answer is ‘No.’

You could become unattractive

Research has found that people who have less sleep may be less attractive to others. They seem to consider us less healthy, too, if we don’t have enough sleep enough. People desire attractive partners and equate their attractiveness with them being better partners. It isn’t necessarily the case that sleep-deprivation makes you a worse partner, but it’s definitely worth knowing.

How can you fix it?

You don’t want lack of sleep to destroy a happy relationship. That would be both sad and disastrous. Your loved one doesn’t deserve the bad side of you, nor do you of them, so how can you fix things?

  • Discuss the pressures of the day
  • It’s not a competition to see who’s the most tired and a little understanding will go a long way. Sit down and acknowledge each other’s tiredness, and then explain the different pressures you’re feeling during the day. Perhaps you’re a working mum and it’s the pressures of balancing a job, motherhood and a relationship. Perhaps you’re the sole breadwinner in the family home and you’re feeling the pressure of this responsibility. Talk about it all.

  • Try a sleep divorce
  • Believe it or not, sleep divorces are becoming a thing and not a bad one at that. Couples looking to compromise and save their relationship are starting to sleep in separate rooms or separate beds, and are finding their relationship healthier because of it. This is because both partners in the relationship feel rested and more open to compromise.

  • Find time to rest
  • Have you ever stopped to consider your daily routine? You might be cramming so much into your days, such as work or study or bringing up a child, that you might not even be making time for yourselves. Work out which activities are necessary and which are not, and replace them with some relaxation together.

Understand how a lack of sleep can affect your behaviour and then find ways to address the issue, and you can really keep your relationship fresh and happy. Patience, compromise and understanding will win the day, and your partner will remain as brilliant as the day you met them. Good times!

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