5 Benefits of a Miracoil Spring

What Is a Miracoil Spring?

The Miracoli spring has been developed by bed manufacturer Silentnight and is solely used in a range of their beds and mattresses. Famous for their Hippo and duck branding, Silentnight has used these characters to demonstrate the advantages of a miracoil spring easily and how it is ideal for all body shapes and sizes, whether you are sharing a bed or not.

Benefits of a Silentnight Miracoil Spring

1. Twice as many springs

Due to its unique shape, the Miracoli spring can be housed in a standard mattress twice as many times as a normal open coil spring. This big increase in spring count means a more responsive and supportive mattress.

2. Zoned Support

With such a high spring count, the Miracoli mattress offers amazing zoned support. This type of support means the more pressure applied to a particular area of the mattress, the more responsive it will be. The Miracoil spring offers the correct pressure for each individual lying on the mattress and for specific areas of the body that require more pressure and keep the body properly aligned while sleeping.

Zoned Mattress Support from A Silentnight Miracoil Spring
Zoned Mattress Support

3. Edge To Edge Support

Perfectly designed to fit into the metal cage of a mattress, the Miracoli spring offers a full edge to edge support meaning the entire surface of the mattress is suitable for sleeping on, and with a firmer edge will lead to less ‘roll off,’ which happens when the edge of the mattress has less support than the centre. Many standard sprung mattresses cannot offer this due to their design, leading to a softer edge and less comfortable sleeping surface.

4. No Roll Together

When sharing a mattress with a partner, you can find a standard sprung mattress can lead to ‘roll together’ This is when both partners end up in the centre of the sleeping surface because the springs throughout the mattress are creating too much motion transfer when a sleeper changes position in the night creating a ‘roll together’ effect. The Miracoil spring significantly reduces motion transfer allowing for a more restful night’s sleep.

No Roll Together

5. Extra Pressure Relief

Getting the correct pressure relief is paramount for mattress support, which sets the Miracoli springs apart from standard springs. With twice as many springs as a standard mattress, the springs work in unison with body movement, providing a restful night’s sleep and correct spinal alignment for sleepers large or small.

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