5 Jaw-Dropping Bedroom Styles to Try in 2023

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Are you looking to get a fresh look for your bedroom this year?

From Art-Deco to Industrial and Eclectic to Boho-Chic, we will take you on a journey that will inspire you to start decorating and bring new vibes into your sleeping sanctuary.

This blog post aims to help you decorate your bedroom like a pro by looking at five beloved interior design styles that came back in 2023.

Contemporary Bedroom Styles.
Source Pinterest: Contemporary Bedroom Styles

The Contemporary Bedroom Styles

Before getting into the interior design styles, we would first like to clarify that you can keep your sleeping sanctuary contemporary regardless of your opting type.

Although not an interior design style, as the name suggests, the contemporary approach is defined by all things modern and current with the moment’s trends.

At this moment in time, the main characteristics of this style are simplicity, subtle sophistication, deliberate use of texture and clean lines.

To keep your bedroom in the contemporary vibe lines, you should be updated with the current looks in vogue. Modern bedrooms cover a wide range of themes, but what they all tend to have in common are a serene, clutter-free look and a simple colour scheme.

After the previous year’s focus on greys, minimalistic and Scandinavian style, this year looks a lot more optimistic regarding colours.

Yellow gold copper, saturated blues, and deep emeralds play a big comeback, along with greens and pink again. To get that contemporary feel for your bedroom in 2023, it is essential to inject colour for that vibrant atmosphere.

Pink Contemporary Bed Styles.
The Naples Bed Company Double Fabric pink bed, for a fresh contemporary look – The Naples Bed Company

If you want to play safe and instead leave your walls painted in a neutral, then you have an excellent backdrop for a bold-coloured centrepiece.

Contemporary Bedroom Styles
Ashbourne Contemporary Bed by The Milan Bed Company

The Art-Deco Bedroom Styles

The Art-Deco style is an iconic early twentieth-century design style with French origins.

It’s a glamorous style recognised by its heavy geometrical influences, triangular shapes, zig-zags, vibrant colours, sleek forms, and sunburst or sunrise motifs.

If your taste veers towards the ornate and jewel-like, and you want to bring visions of luxury that will remind you of that Great Gatsby look, then this playful style might be your best option.

Bedroom Styles 2021.
Get the Art-Deco look with this emerald blue bed from Birlea.

To decorate your bedroom in an Art-Deco style, you should think of bright and deep yellows, reds, blues, greens, and purples, accompanied by creams and beiges to soften the look. If you want to create a statement wall, opting for a modern Art-Deco-inspired wallpaper and a bed in rich tones for your centrepiece can make a focal point with a significant impact.

Today’s take on Art Deco effectively creates an interior with a hint of glamour that nods to the past without looking dated.

The Eclectic Bedroom Styles

Derived from the Greek word “eklektikos”, eclecticism means “to choose the best”. This concept travelled from philosophy to architecture in the late 19th and 20th centuries and was later translated into the home décor industry.

You can recognise an Eclectic bedroom style using unexpected materials, mixed patterns and textures, a combination of old and new, and uniqueness in art and furnishings.

This catch-all style borrows elements from several other design styles, and taking them out of their original contexts evokes a new sense of surprise.

To decorate your bedroom in this style, you shouldn’t be afraid to go bold and personal in showcasing things you love. Choose contrasting colours to create a cohesive look, balance bold furnishings with neutral walls, and mix textures.

It would help if you were careful, though, as there is a fine line between contrast and chaos, so don’t forget to consider negative spaces and utility, pick one go-to colour, and don’t forget about your focal point. As per your bedroom, the easiest way to create a focal point is to choose an eye-catching bed as your centre of attention.

Many fabrics, patterns, and art items characterise the eclectic style.

The Boho-Chic Bedroom Style

The Boho-Chic or Bohemian style refers to the bohemian lifestyle, which is socially unconventional, embraces all cultures, and tends to take a very relaxed spirit.

This style’s main characteristics include bright colours, layers, patterns, and natural elements such as hanging plants, rugs, fringe, crochet, and macrame.

Chic Bedroom Style.
Wonderfully Chic the integration of classic and contemporary styles – Sleepeezee Wool Deluxe 1200 Zip & Link

The Hamptons

The Hamptons refer to a vacation spot comprising a group of villages and hamlets in Long Island, New York.

To get the Hamptons look, keep your walls in a crisp white and opt for timber floorboards where possible. Choose a neutral colour palette and natural textures such as jute, rattan, and linen.

Try to leave as much natural light coming in as possible by opting for plantation shutters. Incorporate artwork that is reminiscent of the sea and Shaker-Style cabinetry.

Suppose you want that casual, relaxed beach living for your bedroom. In that case, your bed should be in a cream, sand, or ivory colour complemented by soft blue cushions and crisp white linens of natural materials.

The Hampton looks sophisticated, relaxed, airy and light – Timeless.

The Industrial Bedroom Style

The Industrial Style refers to an aesthetic trend in interior design inspired by old factories and industrial spaces.

Reflecting past usage, it is characterised by exposed brick walls, concrete or weathered wood floors, bare ceilings, structural beams, metal air ducts, steel chairs, and worn leather.

It would be best if you weren’t afraid to incorporate this style in your bedroom because of its undone aesthetic, as aged or antique finishes, metals, and raw textures can result in a naturally casual look.

For this style to be home in your bedroom, you should think rustic wood, metal, scaffold-style pipes and Edison bulbs.

Industrial Bedroom Style 2021.
The Birlea Urban – Industrial-inspired styling, interior design that takes clues from old factories and industrial spaces.

If you want this raw, edgy style that looks unfinished, you can transform your bedroom’s look by updating your bed’s most crucial piece.

Opt for a stylish contemporary design in wood or metal that will offer something unique for an urban feel.

We have an incredible selection of industrial beds, ranging from metal bed frames to scaffold pipe-style bed frames with a brushed distressed finish.

Industrial style – Emphasises the use of distressed wood or metal elements.

Final thoughts

Moving away from the past year’s neutrals, minimalism, and Scandinavian style, this year gravitates towards more colour, visual interest, and playful design.

There are some beautiful looks for your bedroom that you’ll want to embrace, but regardless of the style that you choose this year, one thing is for sure: You should find the confidence to introduce a bold statement piece to your bedroom and have fun with your décor.

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