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Add a splash of colour with these vivid beds at Bedstar

When updating your bedroom, the first place you always start is the bed. It is the focal point of your room and ties it all together. So when you are updating your bedroom – and trying to change your colour scheme – you need to begin here. Play it safe with black, go daring with cream or full-out elegance with red: if it’s your headboard, your frame or your mattress, you’ll find everything you need for a brand new bed at Bedstar!

1. Red beds

The colour red may not be the most common when it comes to beds and bedrooms, but it will give your room the elegant update it needs. Your bedroom will never have been so cosy! A new headboard will do the trick, just like the Giltedge beds Oxford red fabric headboard. Maybe it is your little one who is moving up to a new bed? If so, they will stand out from the crowd with an Artisan Fire Engine Bed – a steal at under £300.

2. Blue beds

Warm blue hues are perfect for a much needed, but long lasting update to your bedroom. Start with a bedframe, like the Birlea brompton fabric bedframe for a tasteful take on the colour blue. Not ready to take this big a plunge for your blue room? The Verona Designs ferrara captains bed is the best of both worlds. The drawers are blue as opposed to the whole bed – and if you end up deciding against blue, the bed can be yours in almost all the colours of the rainbow!

3. Black beds

A bright coloured bed is not everyone’s choice, which is why Bedstar has an abundance of styles and colours to suit every room. If you want to keep it simple with a classic black bed so that you can build colours around it with accessories or a feature wall, you will be spoilt for choice at Bedstar! A new headboard like the Serena Rosa faux leather headboard gives you plenty of opportunities to introduce colour, or dive straight in with the Julian Bowen Rebecca metal bedstead! The options are endless for a timeless black bed.

4. White beds

A white bed completely brightens and freshens up your room, so it’s no wonder so many people have picked this colour when redecorating. Serene Eleanor wooden headboard will give your room a rustic yet up to date feel, but if you want a sophisticated update then look no further than TV Bed’s Limited Azure TV Bed. It’s so fresh, so clean and so elegant.

5 Grey Beds

When black is too dark and cream is too bright then it’s time to meet in the middle. Grey beds have grown in popularity because of their warming tones and cosy atmosphere they create. Indulge in the ultimate chic comfort with a crushed velvet bedframe like the Birlea Berlin frame in crushed steel. If you want a grey bed that is not only comfortable but as practical as possible, then you need your next bed to be the Milan Bed Company Regal fabric bedframe.

No matter what colour you need to bring your bedroom to life, Bedstar has an array of options for your next bed, mattress or headboard. Any possible update is at your fingertips so don’t waste any more time – get browsing!