How To Create an Aesthetically Pleasing Bedroom using Symmetry in 5 Steps.

symmetry in bedroom interior design
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Have you ever wondered why some interiors appear naturally balanced and perfectly designed while others seem unbalanced and disproportionate?

Symmetry is typical in interior design, and it portrays a feeling of stability, calmness, and balance. As one of the interior design principles, a balance must be carefully considered when designing our spaces.

When we are off-balance in various aspects of our lives, unbalanced interior space can feel uncomfortable. However, we can achieve balance by distributing the visual weight of objects within a room to achieve a feeling of equilibrium. It can be symmetrical, asymmetrical, and radial.

What Is Symmetry?

Symmetry in everyday language refers to a sense of harmonious and beautiful proportion and balance. Symmetry is all around us, from the geometry of natural elements to our own bodies. Asymmetrical balance creates a mirror-image effect and gives a feeling of formality and precision.

We can describe symmetrical balance as having equal weight on equal sides of a centrally placed fulcrum.

(Pictured) Grand Canal in Venice Canals is characterized by perfect symmetry.

Why Our Brain Loves Symmetrical Interiors

Symmetry is familiar to us, so our brains unconsciously use it. Since we often find such a balance in nature, galaxies, and even our bodies, our brain also perceives better symmetrical and balanced interiors. Symmetrical interiors are, therefore, viewed as more restful and peaceful than their asymmetrical counterparts.

(Pictured) Perfectly symmetrical picture of skyscrapers, with an airplane flying above.

How Can You Achieve Symmetry?

We can achieve symmetry through patterns, the arrangement of furniture and fixtures, and the use of colour. When creating balance, you must consider three main factors: your focal point, the visual weight, scale, and proportion.

We will explain these principles later in our post, showing you how to design an aesthetically pleasing bedroom in 5 easy steps using symmetry.

5 Steps to Create Symmetry in Your Bedroom

Bedrooms open up a perfect opportunity for symmetry in your design.

1. Establish Your Focal Point

In the case of a bedroom, your bed acts as a natural focal point of the room. Therefore, this will be the center of attention and your compositional center to build your symmetry.

(Pictured) Symmetry interior bedroom design with a focal point.

2. Place Two Matching Nightstands on Either Side of the Bed

Now, what you need to do is balance the weight by placing similarly heavy objects on either side of your focal point. Try adding a pair of matching nightstands on both the right and left-hand sides of the bed. Make sure you position your items across from each other to create symmetry that pleases the eye.

In a perfectly symmetrical room, you can almost draw a line from the focal point and down the middle of the room, and each side would be a mirror image of the other.

3. Pick Two Posters from the Same Collection

Ideally, it would be best if you hung the posters either above your nightstands at the same height (eye level) or above your bed, considering your wall art spacing.

Mirrors, wall art, or symmetrical lighting fixtures above your nightstands can also replace these.

Or why not be bold and try a punchy combination of all these elements?

(Pictured) Hanging a large mirror across from the doorway will reflect the outside hallway, making your room appear longer.

4. Choose Items With the Same Visual Weight for Your Nightstands

Think of matching lamps, sculptures, or vases on your bedside tables. But keep in mind. The more objects repeated on each side of the room, the more formal your space will feel. So, pay attention also to the mood that you would like to create. The items you choose don’t have to be identical. You can also achieve symmetry with things of equal or similar size and scale. Make sure you add some interest and sprinkle some asymmetrical decorating pieces.

5. Try The Pillow Effect

If you look around and it feels like your bed is missing something, you might not have enough pillows. You can also achieve symmetry through the position of your cushions, so try to add pairs of matching pillows for a pleasing sense of order.

(Pictured) Decorating with throw pillows will finish off any look, making your room feel a lot cosier.

Our brains find balanced spaces pleasant, so we prefer symmetry in interior design. Symmetry can also rescue your bedroom styling if something is out of place. So, if you need to make your home more harmonious and inviting, why not go ahead and give it a try?

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