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The Benefits of Memory Foam

The Benefits of Memory Foam

Category: Sleep Talk
Posted: Sep 7, 2015 09:47
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Synopsis: Memory foam was first designed by NASA for their airplane seats in the mid-60s. Memory foam is crafted from a substance called viscoelastic

What’s so special about memory foam?

Memory foam was first designed by NASA for their airplane seats in the mid-60s. Memory foam is crafted from a substance called viscoelastic. Highly absorbent and but also soft, it’s regarded as one of the most comfortable sleeping experiences on the market at the moment.

Memory foam shapes around your body, responding to heat and pressure, evenly spreading your body weight across the mattress. Whilst you’re out and about through the day, the mattress will return to its original shape, ready for you to fall back into as soon as you’re ready.

Throughout the last ten years or so memory foam has really taken off. Well known for its use in pillows, mattress pads, and mattresses, all of which come in different densities and depths, it has, over the years, become one of the leading mattress fillers.

What’s so special about memory foam then?

Well, since it supports your body shape, morphing around you, it will provide you with more back support than other forms of mattress filler. As opposed to a bed made up of just pocket springs, or even generic coil springs, memory foam is one continuous sheet of foam on top of the general mattress support, which means no more springs digging into your back.

It can also relax certain pressure points, such as the small of your back, which when relieved, will provide you with a more comfortable and relaxing sleeping experience. Mattresses such as the Breasley Valuepac have the potential to work wonders for elderly people as well. With the mattress inhibiting any extra movement, it will mean they’re less likely to wake up throughout the night due to discomfort.

The memory foam works by moulding to your body heat, so its perfect for anyone who generally sleeps in one position throughout the night. Most memory foams mattresses come with a more robust reflex layer, which is about 1 - 10cm deep. It offers a perfect foundation for the memory foam mattress to sit under.

So, are these mattresses expensive?

Not exactly no, but it does depend on how much you’re willing to spend.

On the bottom end of the market, such as the Visco Therapy mattress, you’re looking at around £260 for the super kingsize edition. The bed is made up of reflex foam with 1cm in depth of memory foam. The rule generally follows, that the cheaper the mattress is, the less memory foam you will get.

On the upper end of the market, you have the Relyon Memory Definition, which is currently priced at £1010 for a super kingsize. This mattress boasts a number of features, such as 9cm worth of memory foam and a cool cover.

Of course, it depends on what type of product you’re after, and there are many great mattresses out there, you just need to shop around for the perfect one.

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