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How to setup a divan base

How to setup a divan base

Category: Product Help
Posted: Feb 6, 2019 13:55
Synopsis: Setup a divan base with easy to follow step by step instructions.

Divan bases are delivered more or less assembled but there are a couple of things you still need to do before your ready to add the mattress on! the below guide walks you through these simple setup instructions

Firstly to clarify, anything larger than a single size base will arrive in two separate half's. This is primarily for ease of handling and negotiating stairs and tight corners that may become an issue if the base was delivered in one full-size unit! because of this, you will need to join the 2 half's together with the fixing kit provided, so let's get to that first

1. Where is the fixing kit?

After you have unwrapped the bases at first glance it's not apparent the fixing kit has been included. If your base has storage drawers, check inside these first as the manufacturers usually secure it within the drawer out of sight, if your base doesn't have drawers check the back of the base where it will stapled to the base unit in a clear plastic bag.

2. Remove the fabric holding the drawers in place

If your base has drawers, there is normally a piece of loose fabric securing the drawers in place so they don't get damaged during transportation. To remove this will require a sharp pull as its held in place with staples. Some people like to keep this fabric as it can bed used to help match up curtains and other upholstered items for the same room.

attach legs to headboard

3) Adding the feet

The fixing kit will also include the feet. they are not essential to the base but will help to manoeuvre the bed around the room more easily. To add these simply place the metal leg of the feet into the pre-drilled holes on the bottom of the base and lightly tap with a heavy object ideally a hammer. You will hear the feet click into position so you know they are secure.

attach legs to headboard

4. Join the base half's

Some manufacturers use slightly different techniques to join the base half's together but the most popular method is the linking bar. Simply lay the base half's on the floor and push together. You will notice to adjacent bolts either side of the base. Unscrew one fully and loosen the other and then slip the hook of the linking bar over the loosened bolt and secure in place. Push the second bolt through the hole in the linking bar and tighten back into the original hole. Repeat this process on the adjacent side of the base

attach legs to headboard

attach legs to headboard

And there we go, the base is now ready to add the mattress on top and its ready for use!

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