How To Choose Your Child’s First Bed

Childs Bunk Bed.
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How to choose your child’s first bed: as we all know, sleep is essential, especially for children. Everyone knows it, and as parents, you want your child(ren) to get the best night’s rest possible.

You want them to be healthy and happy, not unhealthy and grumpy and overtired. Part of this will mean you must choose the right bed for them. Here are a few tips to help you make that difficult call:

Consider your child(ren) ‘s weight and age.

Your kids aren’t going to stay little forever, as much as you may or may not want them to. It would be best if you considered their weight and age. If it’s the child’s first bed – i.e., they’re transitioning from a cot to a bed – you should be looking to make this transition when the child is between 1 and a half years old and three years old.

The mattress has to be the right size for the bed, but remember that children grow, so you could consider getting a slightly larger bed for longevity. Make sure the bed is appropriate for the size of the room. Please don’t buy one so huge that they have problems climbing in and out of it.

Spinal support is paramount.

The spine and neck must be in a neutral position, i.e., that does not place undue stress. It’s a question of balance. The mattress must be firm enough to keep them comfortable but not so soft that they sink into it.

Choose a mattress with open-coil springs (or ‘Miracoil springs‘, as they’re also known), and you’ll provide your child with much support. There’s also the potential for them to sleep better because they won’t toss and turn as much on these mattresses.

Spring mattress or something else?

Memory foam mattresses provide comfort and help a child stay cool at night, but a pocket spring mattress is more durable. Children are light enough to sleep on them without too much wear and tear. They offer a lot of support, not to mention comfort, and endure moisture better as well.

Not sure about the base? A platform base is acceptable for the mattress, but there’s no problem with a slatted base. If you go for the slatted option, ensure the springs are no more than 5 centimetres apart.

Opting for a fun children’s bed

A bed isn’t just a place to rest; in a child’s eyes, it’s a potential place for adventure, too. When choosing a bed for your child, you can get practical and still select a suitable bed for your child(ren). Here are a few suggestions:

Child's First Bed.
Julian Bowen Campervan 3FT Single Childs Bunk Bed

Bunk beds

They might need a ‘big boy or girl’s bed when they’re older. Investing in some bunk beds could be the time if you have several children.

If one child is much younger than the other, make sure they sleep on the bottom bunk. Choose a bed that has guard rails to stop children from rolling out. These rails should be at least 5 inches higher than the mattress. If you have any reservations, stick with a standard bed.

Novelty beds

You can inject some real fun into your child(ren) ‘s bedtime with a novelty bed and, in the process, liven up their bedroom design. Beds come in various themes, from cars and buses to houses. This might do the trick if you’re having trouble getting your kid to bed at night.

Cabin beds and mid-sleepers

Cabin beds and mid-sleepers turn sleeping into an adventure for a child and provide extra storage space for their belongings. Some have a desk, too. They work well for older children and will serve you well if space is premium. They’re elegant and can blend in well with a room’s design.

Julian Bowen Roxy Sleep Station.
Pictured: Julian Bowen Sleep Station has numerous valuable features, from a handy pull-out desk to ample shelving and cupboard space.

Picking the right bed for a child is a responsibility. They need to get a good night’s sleep, just as it is for you. Spending more than less is better (unless you’re still getting value for money). Consider your child’s weight and size and what mattress would suit them, and bear these in mind when going for a more ‘grown-up’ style of bed.

Not sure what would work best for you? Why not look at our shorty beds? A shorty bed creates the perfect transition from a cot. We have various options, including cabin beds, mid-sleepers, bunk beds, and more, such as additional bed and children’s bedding styles, so you’ll find something interesting.

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