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Are Bigger Beds Better?

No one is saying that standard beds aren’t comfortable ― they are ― but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider buying a bigger bed, especially if you’re a couple. Large beds are comfortable and spacious and could just be the solution if you’re having a little trouble sleeping at night. 

‘Are bigger beds better?,’ you ask. Here are a few reasons they are:

They’re not that much more expensive

Look at the price of a bed and you might think to yourself ‘That’s a bit steep’, but, in reality, large beds are cheaper than you think. After around seven years, every £100 you spend on upgrading to a larger bed works out at just under 4 pence per night! Spend £500 on a larger bed and you’d be paying no more than 20p per night across seven years, which isn’t a bad deal! 

If you really think you’re going to struggle with the cost of buying a larger bed, there’s no need to. A lot of furniture stores offer financing so you can start enjoying your furniture before you’ve even paid for it. 

Couples sleep better in larger beds

Ergonomic studies by the National Bed Federation once demonstrated that couples sleep better in larger beds. Before taking part in the trials, only 15% of the couples said they’d buy a larger than standard bed. That figure shot up to 50% after the trials!

With a larger bed, you both have enough room to move and stretch out your limbs, whereas in a standard bed, you’ll be battling for space, especially if one of you likes to sleep crossways. A night-time wrestle for bed space isn’t exactly the formula for a satisfying night’s sleep!

We spend a third of our lives in bed

Did you know that by the time we’re 50 we’ll all have spent approximately 16 years in bed? It’s a crazy statistic, but if we’re going to spend that much time there, we may as well be as comfortable as possible.

This seems to be the perspective Brits have adopted. Although many Brits have double beds, of the people who took part in research by the Sleep Council 34% stated they had a king-size bed and 8% said they had a super king-size one. We might have small homes, but that doesn’t mean our beds have to be small, too!

We wriggle

Despite how we see ourselves, it turns out that none of us are especially peaceful sleepers. Did you know that, on average, we turn in our sleep between 60 and 70 times per day? We’re wrigglers by nature, so you’ll want to keep as much distance as possible between you and your partner to stop them waking you up during the night ― and they’ll want the same thing.

We’re getting larger

The world’s population is getting bigger than previous generations, according to a global study in the New England Journal of Medicine. The study found that almost a third of the global population is overweight or obese. Regarding the UK, an alarming report from the NHS, too, tells us that 29% of British adults are obese. In a nutshell, we’re getting too big for standard beds and need larger ones. Frightening but true.

couple in bed watching laptop

We enjoy a sense of luxury

When you stay at a hotel, you sleep in a nice big bed and pampered. Admit it: you do and you enjoy it. Then when you come home, you start to miss your hotel bed slightly (hotel beds have a habit of being incredibly comfortable!). A bigger bed allows you to enjoy that sense of luxury. Imagine being able to sink into a king size bed, with crisp white sheets and lots of pillows, at the end of the day. Why not make it happen and feel like royalty!

The kids will sneak into your bed

Any parents who think they’re going to have the bed all to themselves is in for a surprise. At some point, the kids are going to wake up early, climb into your bed and take up any extra space you have in the bed. It’s not a question of ‘Will it happen?’, but of ‘When?’ and when that day comes, a standard bed just isn’t going to do the job. One of the many joys of parenthood, so you’re going to need a bigger bed!

Bigger beds are especially better when you have to share the bed. They’re not as expensive as you think and you’ll sleep well and your partner will sleep well, too. Since you’re going to spend a long time in bed, you might as well be comfortable instead of battling it out for space on a standard bed with your partner and your kids.

If you think a bigger bed is the way to go for you, browse our selection of beds and place an order. We can deliver your new bed quickly so you can waste no time in getting a good night’s sleep!