The Secrets Behind Your Impressive Hotel Mattress

Ever wondered why your Hotel Mattress is so comfortable?

If the answer is yes, then you are not the only one. Hotel chains became famous not just for their budget rooms but also for their renowned amazing night sleep that keeps customers coming back over and over again!

With so many people wanting to know, we felt it was about time we revealed the secrets behind your hotel mattress and how you can bring the same level of comfort back into your own home.

So what makes your Hotel Mattress so unique?

One of the things that maybe you didn’t know about is that hotel mattresses are renowned for their quality mattresses and hold a royal warrant. Hotel mattresses can be found in many hotel chains, including Claridge’s, Four Seasons, and the renowned famous Shangri La Hotel at The Shard in London.

So, What is a Royal Warrant?

A Royal Warrant is a mark of recognition for companies who supply goods or services to The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh or The Prince of Wales.

So if you felt a little bit like a king last time you visited a hotel and woke up full of the joys of spring or was left wondering about that super comfortable hotel mattress, this might be one of the reasons why your stay was so comfortable.

This Royal Stamp approval emphasizes the fact that the brand only provides products of the highest quality.

So if you don’t want to have to leave your house to get that luxurious feel, then a hotel quality mattress could be the answer, and it is now available for everyone to purchase.

The memory gel mattress offers full-body support and optimal pressure relief.

It is an excellent solution for people suffering from back pain as they feature ideal spinal alignment and healthy weight distribution.

This mattress is excellent for regulating body temperature and offers exceptional durability and no roll-together, making it the perfect choice for any sleeping position.

The latex mattress happens to be another popular choice in hotels.

This type of mattress is perfect for pain relief. The gentle cushioning and buoyant support make latex mattresses highly beneficial to sleepers with back and joint pain.

They are a low-maintenance solution, and due to the hypoallergenic benefits, they can be a great choice among people suffering from allergies.

Pocket Spring System

Another reason that makes the hotel mattresses so comfortable is the pocket spring system used for the last hundred years.

Some of the brand secrets that make Hotel mattresses so unique are :

  • The mattress features pocket springs
  • The benefit of natural fillings
  • The handcrafted detailed finish

Every mattress has over 1000 pocket springs sitting independently within the fabric. The pocket springs allow the mattress to move freely and provide extra support where it’s needed throughout the night.

Each spring sits in its piece of fabric, creating a little pocket of air each time you move. This helps the airflow through the mattress and regulates body temperature.

Air spring mattress.
Each spring sits in its piece of fabric, creating unique support for every individual.

Often hotel mattresses feature luxurious natural fillings such as wool and cotton. These materials are a perfect choice because they provide breathability and temperature regulation.

Hotel mattresses are handcrafted with care to offer high-end levels of comfort. The popular type of mattress featured in most hotel beds has a woven damask cover and hand-woven tufted finish.

So where can i get one?

If you’re looking for that fit for a king (literally!) comfort and crave the same luxurious sleep you get when staying at a hotel, then the Hotel classic 800 mattress is the perfect solution. The hotel classic 800 has all of the same features as many of the mattresses found in top hotel chains:

  • 800 individual pocket springs
  • Natural fillings, including wool
  • Hand-tufted for enhanced comfort
  • Double-sided
  • Edge to edge support
  • Crib 5 rated conforming to the highest safety standards.

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