Everything You Need To Know About Sleepeezee

How many ‘e’s are in Sleepeezee?

Six, yep, six ‘e’s in one word. We know it’s a lot to process, but don’t let that put you off this brilliant brand. Sleepeezee is another brand that has been about since the early 1900s and has become a household name in Britain. Sleepeezee is based in Kent and produces some of the best pocket-sprung bed Bedstar has to offer.

Their combination of quality and affordability has led them to take a good position in a competitive market. They pride themselves on their traditional design and techniques, creating a premium, enviable mattress style.

They’re also another brand enjoyed by the Royal Family, securing the Royal Warrant issued by the Prince of Wales. This really does reinforce the notion that Sleepeezee is a brand that you can trust.

Ultimately, whether Sleepeezee had six ‘e’s or four, they’d still be the quality brand you know today – that’s why at Bedstar, we are extremely proud to stock this brand.

How do Bedstar and Sleepeezee go together?

Well to sum it up we’d say we go together like a house on fire, a punch up in a brewery, like whiskey and cola (if you’re that way inclined).

At Bedstar, we like to make sure we’ve got the latest Sleepeezee products in store. We stock more Sleepeezee products than most other brands, and this shows how well we work together. We like Sleepeezee because their products are high quality but accessible to all, meaning that everyone can get a good night’s sleep, regardless of their budget.

To get a full grasp of the products we stock we recommend you take a look at our latest listings, which can be found here.

That’s great, but can you sum it up for us?

Of course we can dear reader, that’s no problem at all.

Firstly, we stock plenty of mattresses from soft to firm, each pocket sprung and some with memory foam for those with orthopaedic problems. Of course, memory foam is not reserved for people with back problems, and it’s just recommended for those who suffer from back pain.

We’ve also got a range of zip and link mattresses, which allow you to unzip your bed into two smaller beds. Perfect for guests staying overnight.

Overall we stock the very best that Sleepeezee have to offer and we highly recommend that you check out our Sleepeezee award winners for more information.

Okay before you go, any offers on the table?

Yes! At the moment we’re knocking 10% off all Sleepeezee beds; perfect timing for that brand new memory foam mattress, maybe? All you’ve got to do is type in the codeSleepeezee10 (remember six ‘e’s) into the discount box to swipe 10% off the bill – you can’t beat a bargain like that!