How To Choose a TV Bed – Don’t worry, we have you covered.

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How to Choose The Perfect TV Bed

TV beds are perfect for those duvet days. You can relax beneath the covers with a good box set, watch show after show, and forget that you have work tomorrow or the rain lashes against the windows. They’re inviting, too, if you’ve had a hard day and feel like watching some TV but would prefer to lie down than sit in an easy chair.

To enjoy all this comfort and get the most out of a TV bed, choose the right one for your room. Here’s how to go about it:


Unfortunately, although you might like to, you can’t just plump for an enormous bed and pop it in your room. You have to measure the size of your room and whether it will accommodate a TV bed in the first place. Will you still be able to move around as easily once the bed arrives? Make sure you can. 

 TV SizeRecommended Bed Size
  Up to 32″Double 135cm x 190cm or 4’6” x 6’3”
  32″ – 40″Kingsize 150cm x 200cm or 5’ x 6’6”
  40″ + Superking 180cm x 200xm or  6’ x 6’6”

It’s not just about the size of the bed, though. You’ve got to consider the size of the TV and whether it will fit the bed. Measure the screen’s width and the depth of the TV – you don’t want your television performing a precarious balancing act at the end of your bed. Check the specifications before you order your bed.


The bed is the centrepiece of a room, so you don’t just want any old design. Just because the bed has some novelty value doesn’t mean you don’t have to settle for poor design. You can choose a bed that has a lower footboard and go for the more contemporary look, or you can opt for one that features a higher footboard and creates a sense of grandeur about the room as well as a pleasant cocooned feel when you’re in bed.

Tv remote control

What about the material tool? Will leather work better with your room’s interior design, or would crushed velvet be more apt? Leather conveys a real sense of sophistication, crushed velvet projects glamour, and fabric carries an elegant simplicity. Would you go for faux or authentic leather, which has more of a sheen as the leather ages?

Then there’s the colour, of course. Brown is a versatile colour, and grey is a neutral one that gives the room a pared-back look. If you’re looking to offset the room more, black is the way to do it, and you’ll also create a sense of spaciousness at the same time.

Star TV Monty 4FT 6 Double TV Bed - Ginie Grey.
Pictured: Star TV Monty 4FT 6 Double TV Bed – Ginie Grey.


The novelty of a TV bed doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice space, either. If storage will be an issue and you can’t let go of little keepsakes or feel some items are too necessary to sell or give away, an ottoman TV bed will be right up your street. You can lift the base and pull out that extra blanket, or if you’d prefer to have the room all tidy before you settle down with your box set, you can clear stuff away into the storage compartment.

Size, design, and storage are the main aspects to remember when choosing your bed, but don’t forget about the comfort factor, too. If you want to ramp up the comfort factor, you can do so with an adjustable TV bed. We offer financing options on our beds so that if you spoil yourself when buying your TV bed, we can make it more affordable. Now… which one would you like?

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