Pine Beds – The Virtuous Buyers Advice Guide

Pine Beds Buyers Advice Guide.
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Pine is a relatively soft timber with many purposes, including paper manufacturing, mouldings, construction lumber, furniture, floors, and cabinets.

Pine is one of the most widely used domestic softwoods on the market.

About Pine Beds

Pine trees are softwood trees, making them easier to work with when crafting the product due to their softer nature. Traditionally, pine was the preferred choice for colonial, rustic, and craftsman-style pieces.

However, that changes as pine works with various furniture styles, including contemporary pieces. Pine is light in colour, although the specific shade can vary somewhat. Pine also has a prominent grain with knots darker than the wood, giving it a distinct look.

Over time, pine generally mellows, becoming deeper and warmer in a tone that typically happens across the first two years of having the bed and then slows down until the pine reaches maturity.

Mellowing is very dependent upon the daylight intensity on the pine bed.

Caring For Pine Beds

Generally, all pine beds have a soft satin finish, which acts as a layer of protection. If no protective finish is applied, this should be clear when purchasing.

Different Colour Variations for Pine Beds.
Different finishes can be created by using stains or wax polish.

Your pine bed should only need regular light dusting with a soft, dry cloth unless sticky marks appear on the bed’s surface. Then, you must remove them with a dilute solution of warm, soapy water.

Even furniture like beds that are more difficult to move sometimes needs a change of scenery, whether changing the bedroom design or the entire room layout.

In that case, if you are moving the bed, you must ensure that you always protect the bed from knocks and scratches, which would most likely happen if it were dragged to its new home. The corners and edges are the most prone to accidental damage.

Another crucial element of care to be taken is ensuring that the bed is not exposed to excessive sunlight or in a position where it will attract direct heat. For example, you should not put them up against a radiator.

If you follow this advice to care for your bed, you will not go far wrong, as it is the most crucial factor that helps prolong the lifespan of your luxurious pine bed.

Difference between Oak and Pine Beds

Are you ready for new furniture but do not know what type of wood you should choose? Then this should help you to work out which one suits your needs the best.

Choosing between oak and pine furniture is a common dilemma for bed buyers. These two standard options are surprisingly very different in their characteristics, so it is essential to understand the difference between pine and oak wood before investing significantly in either type of furniture.

Both types of wood offer positives and negatives. Meaning it all comes down to your priorities and preferences.

Pine Beds – The Positives

  • Price. – Pine furniture is much cheaper than oak versions of the same scale. Pine trees take lower maintenance for foresters, enabling growers to sell the wood at a lower price. If you are focused primarily on price, pine is an attractive option.
  • Pine is an easy wood to stain to achieve your desired colour. However, if you prefer, you can also stick with the natural colour by opting for a clear coat. Pine provides quality results no matter what finish option you choose.
  • Lighter in weight. While furniture made from pine is still moderately heavy and sturdy, it is softer than oak. Rearranging your furniture is made easier with the lower weight, so consider pine if you like changing the look of your room.
  • Less environmental impact. Pine trees are a fast-growing species, which makes them more sustainable than slow-growing trees like oak. Sustainability is paramount with all our suppliers. Pine trees can grow on plantations or farms with little impact on natural habitats.

Pine Trees are one of the most sustainable timber sources Because they keep their needles year-round. In the winter, pine trees can photosynthesise!

Nordic Mill Shake Low Pine Bed Frame

Nordic Mill Shake Low Pine Bed Frame – Beautifully handcrafted from sustainable Scandinavian pine, this environmentally friendly bed frame features a simple slatted headboard and a low foot end to maximise space. (Available Now Online from – £239)

If you are looking for a high-quality pine bed frame, look no further. This artisan-crafted Norwegian bed frame is the bed for you. Imagine the luxurious night’s sleep you will be having on this simplistic yet effective wooden bed frame.

It is made with a stunning antique finish and is sturdy and robust, allowing it to be the bed you treasure for many years.

It is also made from sustainably grown pine trees, meaning you can sleep well knowing you haven’t harmed the environment.

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