How to Find the Perfect Kids Mattress

Kids Mattress

The value of sleep as a child is of more importance than when you are any other age. Not only will sleep fuel their energetic childhood it will also allow their bodies to continue growing both physically and mentally.

Therefore the more sleep they have, the more time the brain and body have to develop. The best mattress to provide the child with a high quality of sleep depends on what they are like as an individual as every child will have different specific needs due to the massively wide variety in ways they sleep.

There are many deciding factors when it comes to purchasing your child a mattress. As you need to ensure it’s well-built while also being sturdy enough to aid posture. Of course, comfort is also of high importance if they get the required amount of sleep.

The first stage of a child’s development progresses from a cot bed to a children’s mattress.

This usually happens between 20 to 30 months old, making it probably the most crucial mattress choice you will make, but there is no need to worry as we will go through the main factors which need to be taken into account.

Kids Mattress.
Pictured: Jay-be Pocket Sprung Anti-allergy 3FT Single Mattress, Available online at Bedstar

Working out which type of kids mattress is best for your children?

Open coil – These mattresses are a good budget option which provide the necessary support to help support the child’s posture and growth. However with this you are sacrificing some of the comfort which you can experience from some other mattress types. It also means open coil mattresses usually aren’t as durable as some other mattress types. Although this may seem like a problem for most it isn’t as kids generally need new mattresses more frequently so therefore a cheaper option like open coil can prove to be popular.

Continuous coil – Made from a single looped wire , these mattresses are also on the cheaper end of the scale lacking durability being the main reason for the low prices.

Pocket sprung – This is where the springs are sewn into fabric pockets making it higher quality, more comfortable and allows more movement however because they are of a higher quality they come with a significantly higher price and with the child’s speed of growth you have to be able to weigh up whether you willing to spend the added amount.

Memory foam – These mattresses are built to mould around the child’s body and offer extreme comfort and can prevent fidgeting or lots of movement to allow for longer amounts of sleep. On the other side of things the extreme levels of comfort may mean that some of the possible support can be lost which might not be best for your child’s posture.

Latex – This mattress type is the ideal option for someone with allergies. They are also very breathable making them a great option for the summer months.

Hybrid –  a multi-layered mattress that combines springs and foam layers providing the best of both comfort and support. They’re the perfect option if you love the bounce and support of a pocket sprung mattress but also desire the comfort of foam.

Jay-be Waterproof 3FT Single Kids Mattress.
Pictured: Jay-be Waterproof 3FT Single Mattress, Available online at Bedstar

How often should you replace your kids mattress?

Because of the longer amounts of time children spend sleeping it is clear that their mattress are likely to become worn quicker so if your child is between the age of 2 and 10 we usually recommend replacing the mattress every 3 years whereas if their between 10 and 16 it should be every 5 years as they won’t quite be sleeping for as long as the younger children.

Other features which may influence your decision

Weight and thickness – This has a direct effect on the comfort levels and support a mattress can offer for you. It can also affect your decision if you want maneuverability, say for example you are using a room as a bedroom as well as an office.

Mattress cover – This can sometimes be something you don’t pay much attention to when purchasing an adult bed. When purchasing a child’s bed the importance is drastically increased. Due to a higher chance of accidents and spills which without a cover would damage and stain your mattress. The main thing to check is whether the cover is removable , you would ideally prefer a removable cover as then you will be able to clean up any spills.

Price – Buying a quality childrens mattress can really vary in price as you can get what you are looking for from £150 right upto £600 this will obviously depend how specific your child’s needs are and what sort of budget you have to stick to.

Overall I think you can come to understand the significance of your child having their ideal mattress for the most important period of their life in terms of growth. However this decision shouldn’t now be as hard as you think as this guide has hopefully shown you some of the things you need to look out for.

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