The Pros And Cons Of Triple Sleeper Bunk Beds

Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed.
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Triple Sleeper Bunk Beds

Sleeping three children in one bedroom sounds impossible, but triple sleepers make it a breeze!

Triple sleeper bunk beds come in two flavours – three-tier bunk beds and two-tier bunk beds, with the lower bunk being a small double bed to sleep two people.

The beauty of triple sleepers is they take up the same floor space as a regular bed, adding height to achieve more sleeping space – this makes them suitable for most bedrooms except those with abnormally low ceilings.

This article explores the pros and cons of triple sleepers to help determine whether they are the right solution for your kid’s bedroom.

Let’s jump in!

The two types of triple sleeper bunk beds

Triple sleepers are available in two types:

  • Two-tier bunk beds have two levels, but the lower bunk is a small double, easily accommodating two children top and tailing. This option is best for sleeping two children most of the time and three children on sleepovers.
  • Three-tier bunk beds are on three levels, with three single beds stacked on each other. This gives each sleeper privacy, but the sheer height makes them unsuitable for younger children for safety reasons.

If you need to sleep three children in the same bedroom all of the time, then a three-tier bunk is the best option, but beware that children under six are at increased risk of injury. In this case, a two-tier triple sleeper is a better option.

As an aside, Oslo also makes a quadruple sleeper – this has two small doubles stacked on each other, letting you sleep four children on top and tailing.

Triple sleeper bunk beds pros and cons

Additionally, children love triple sleepers! Climbing the ladder never gets old, and it’s nice to have separate private sleeping spaces.


  • Space-saving
  • Full-size beds
  • Suitable for all mattress types
  • Ideal for kids aged 6-14
  • Easy to assemble (flat-pack)
  • Provides privacy to all sleepers
  • Available in two kinds (three-tier, double-tier)


  • Sleeping at height can be unsafe
  • Unsuitable for children under six
  • Accessing the top bunk can be difficult
  • Three tiers may be too high for your ceiling

Weighing it all up

The pros of triple sleepers outweigh the cons.

Plus, triple sleepers fit into any bedroom and provide three children with comfortable, private sleeping quarters. They are suitable for kids up to around fourteen, and the bases are suitable for all mattresses, letting you tune comfort for everyone. They also come flat-packed, allowing you to move them around.

On the downside, triple sleepers are dangerous for young children, and accessing the top bunk can be difficult. If you have low ceilings, a three-tier triple sleeper might also be too high – the general rule is the top bunk needs to have 32 to 35 inches of space between the mattress and the ceiling for optimal mobility.

Our favourite triple sleeper bunk beds

Here are our favourite triple sleepers in 2022:

Flair Ollie Triple (two-tier) – £589

The Flair Ollie Triple is a gorgeous two-tier triple sleeper. It has a stylish wooden frame painted in grey, an angled ladder, two drawers under the bed, and a lower headboard and footboard panels to keep bedding in place.

Flair Ollie Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed - Grey.
Pictured: Flair Ollie Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed – Grey

Bedmr Snowdon 3 Tier Bunk (three-tier) – £649

Available in white and grey, the Bedmr Snowdon 3 Tier Bunk is an awe-inspiring kit. It’s made from solid pine with an adjustable right or left-side ladder, and it sits low to the ground to accommodate regular ceilings.

Bedmr Snowdon 3 Tier Bunk Bed - Grey.
Pictured: Bedmr Snowdon 3 Tier Bunk Bed – Grey

You can find more fantastic triple sleepers

If you enjoyed this article, read our bunk beds and mattresses buying guide for tips on purchasing suitable bunk beds for your kids.

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