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Beds With Storage

Win the battle for space and find a bed that's not only comfortable and stylish but keeps your room tidy and clutter free! Choose from our extensive range of beds with amazing storage solutions. Whether its traditional pull out drawers or the latest in lift up ottoman bases, we have a solution to all your bedroom storage needs.

Most of our storage beds are available for next day delivery.


Beds With Storage

As family homes seemingly get smaller, finding and utilising storage space is a continuous battle to overcome. Whether it be shelving, cupboards, attics or even external units, we try all we can to keep the clutter at bay. So it's refreshing to see the bed manufacturers have met this challenge head-on and are inventing an ingenoius way to convert the unused space a bed takes up with handy and much-needed storage.

The Perfect Drawer

Drawers are a must on bed bases and the combinations can be endless, normally you will find drawers at each side or at the end of the bed. These simple solutions provide ideal storage for bedding, pillows and towels etc which are easily accessible and dependant on space you can have up to a maximum of 4 separate drawers on the bed.

Lift Up Bases

Lift up bed bases use a simple hydraulic system which enables the user to effortlessly push up the entire top lid of the bed including the mattress. Once opened the whole of the bed base can be used for storage which offers 4 times more space than a drawer solution. This type of storage solution utilizes the entire space available in the bed and is ideal for things like suitcases and clothing.

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