Definitive Bed Buying Guide – 9 Shopping Tips to Help you Decide

Bed Buying Guide

Choosing Beds for a Bad Back – Bed Buying Guide

For a long time, it was believed that hard beds were good for bad backs. Recent research confirms that this is not necessarily the case – and could cause more damage. A supportive and comfortable mattress is the best option – it doesn’t matter what construction it is.

Any reference to beds being orthopaedic – or similar medical-sounding terms – does not mean that the beds have been professionally accessed or recommended.

Instead, manufacturers loosely use it to refer to extra firm models in their range or describe the materials during manufacturing for an intended purpose, i.e. Back Problems.

Bed buying guide, Sealy Nostromo "Award Winning" Mattress.
Sealy beds have a unique Zonal Support System which ensures your spine is supported and aligned to its natural shape, and it provides greater ‘push back’ support to areas of the body where weight is concentrated. (See our Award Winning Mattress range on the Bedstar Website)

What sort of Beds is Best for Sufferers of Asthma or other Types of Allergic Problems. – Bed Buying Guide

Almost all beds will, in time, attract house dust mites, whose droppings are highly allergenic. However, regular cleaning, airing, and the use of protective covers will reduce the effect. In addition, some manufacturers are now using anti-dust mite-treated fabrics.

Why are Two Similar Mattresses so Widely Different in Price?

Chances are they are not similar as seen. They might both claim to predominate the same construction – but further investigation will probably reveal different material quantities, densities, amounts.

What Should I Pay for a Good Mattress?

Prices for beds range from well under £100 to several thousand. As a general rule, you get what you pay for. Remember that every £100 you spend on a new bed represents an investment of just 3p a night ( assuming a lifespan of 10 years).

Will I Notice any Differences Between Rigid and Flexible Slats?

These likely feel different – rigid slats will give a bed a firmer feel, but they will affect the mattress’s durability. Rigid slats have no give and work against the mattress, leaving it to do all the work; sprung slats work with the mattress and prolong its life and improve comfort levels.

I Have Been Told to Turn the Mattress Regularly. Why is this Necessary? – Bed Buying Guide

On better quality mattresses, particularly with lots of natural fillings, body indentations are a standard characteristic of a mattress working as intended, allowing the springs to move individually while the fillings cradle your body.

Regular turning of the mattress will help the fillings settle and compact down more evenly – although there will be some visible signs of the mattress settling to the contours of your body.

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, it is good to turn the mattress from end to end and side to side every week for the first few months and after that about every three months. – Should you have a mattress that cannot be flipped over rather than rotate instead?

Handles are intended to help position the mattress correctly on the base (pictured below the Sleepeezee Jessica Mattress).

Bed buying guide, Sleepeezee Jessica  "Award Winning" Mattress.
The Jessica Mattress is an Award Winning Mattress –  award-winning mattress – a Which? Best Buy in June 2020, handle are stitched to the sides to aid mattress rotation. (See our Award Winning Mattress range on the Bedstar Website)

What is the Difference Between Non-Turn and No Need to turn Mattresses?

Non-turn mattresses are designed as one-sided mattresses and can only be used on that one side. Although rotation is typically recommended to help wear and tear, these mattresses can be used either way – but it is unnecessary to flip them over, which is recommended with regular mattresses.

Is Bed Linen Available for Larger Beds?

Most department stores stock linen for beds up to 180cm wide. For other sizes, some bedlinen companies can make custom bed linen to order.

Is My Mattress Not the same Size as the Bed’s Base?

The reason might be because of construction. Although mattress springs can sometimes nestle into each other in transit or storage, temporarily reducing the bed’s length or width, the mattress should recover its original dimension during use. The effect is likely to be more pronounced if the spring unit does not have a perimeter frame or the mattress is not entirely hand-side stitched.

Are Foam Mattresses Hot?

Mattresses don’t create heat, and people can get hot on beds of all constructions. However, foam is a good insulator, and the higher the density, the more potential heat retention.

So if you are the sort of person that gets hot in bed, look for foam with an open cell construction that will breathe more efficiently and make sure the mattress is well ventilated. Also, use cotton sheets and duvets with a lower tog rating.

Buying a bed on a budget

Everything is going up, bills, taxes, fuel, and groceries which are all unavoidable and there is nothing we can do especially when most of us are on a budget. So how do we afford other items that may not necessarily be in the budget plan…like a new bed??

A good quality bed is a must, as we all need to be able to sleep comfortably. So, to do this here are a few suggestions:


Work out what you can afford without going over and stick to it.


Measure your room so you know what size bed you are looking for, or if it’s a replacement then stick to the size you are replacing as you will have all the bedding in that size and don’t want more expensive having to replace it all.

Décor of your room

Choose a bed that will fit in the décor of the room. Don’t go for something completely different that you then must redecorate the room adding more expense.

Highlight what type you are wanting

Decide what you want out of the bed, this may include storage, TV, and most importantly comfort.


Check out all companies and what they sell and their prices as some can have Bundle Deals, Discount Coupons. Also, check the clearance sections as the bed you are wanting could be in that.

Money of coupons

Magazines and papers can sometimes put vouchers in which will give money off, so check these and see if you could use them.

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