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How Bed Storage evolved? Where it all began?

The Birth Of The Bed Base

Bed bases were first developed as a way of raising the mattress off floor level, in practical terms it meant less bending to get in or out of bed and was a more hygienic way of letting the mattress breath to dispel odor and moisture and keep the mattress fresh. It soon became apparent with this new development of raised mattresses, people discovered the space underneath was infact a handy way of keeping items hidden away from sight yet still easily available if required!

The Under Bed Drawer

Separate pull out drawers were soon added to the space under the mattress, usually made from timber with small wheels on the underside so people could simply pull the drawer out with all of their stored items, choose what they required and then simply push it back under the bed again. The Drawers were seen as a more practical way of keeping the space under the mattress tidy and helped reduce the build up of dust on the stored items.

The Divan Set is Born

As the appetite for under bed storage grew, it made sense to the bedding manufacturers to develop a bed base that already had storage drawers integrated into the base. This became known as the divan base, and as the product became more popular the amount of storage options increased to create a range of storage solutions to cater for all requirements.

More Storage Options

Initially the divan base was built with one pull out drawer either side of the base, the manufacturers soon realized this still left a lot of unused space in the void of the bases so 4 drawer option was introduced with 2 drawers either side of the bed. This became the most popular storage option with the drawers perfectly suited to store away pillows, extra bedding and clothes.

The development of 4 drawers did create one problem which became apparent when people added bed side drawers to either side of the bed. The access to the drawers at the head end of the bed became problematic as it meant either moving the drawers to gain access or moving the bed which was not ideal! This led on to the development of the Continental drawer, in basic terms it’s considered a half drawer at each side of the bed which would allow the drawer to open in front of the bedside table and create regular access.

Over the years more storage drawer options became available including the slide store a simple sliding door on the side of the divan allowed access to the full void of the base and was perfect for children’s beds, creating extra toy storage!

Contemporary Ottoman Design

The next generation of bed storage solutions has come in the form of ottoman lift storage. This new technology works with gas pistons that gently lift the mattress and base top upwards rather like the boot of a car and allows full use of the bed base for storage, once finished a simple push on the mattress slowly closes the base with minimal effort required.