Bed Size No Good, Is Your Partner a Restless Sleeper?

When choosing a new bed size, you don’t want to cut yourself too thin in the size department. Sure, it might save space – and money – choosing a smaller bed, but if you’re sharing with a restless sleeper or spread out while you sleep, going one size up might work wonders.

It’s all about trying out what works for you before buying, but sometimes you don’t have time for that, so we’ve summed up everything you need to know about choosing the perfect bed for you and your family.

We’ll run through a few options and let you know the pros and cons of having your family sleep safely and comfortably.

Small Single Bed Size

A size you might not be too familiar with is the small single bed. This size is perfect for toddlers up to the age of four. However, the small single might seem too small, and you might be tempted to place your child in a regular single bed straight away.

Remember, you see this through an adult’s eyes. While a small bed might seem small to you, it will be huge to your toddler, who’s been sleeping in a cot for the last year or so. The small single is perfect for getting your child into the routine of sleeping in a big bed for the first time. They’re also easier to maintain, which will take the strain out of cleaning up those inevitable accidents.

Another advantage is that they’re often cheaper than a regular single bed. A small single bedstead will set you back around £65.

You can always keep it stored away, ready for your next child if you’re a first-time parent. If you know, you’re already thinking about that. Probably not. If you’re a first-time parent, you’re probably reading this at 3 am with a milk bottle in your hand.

From Single to Double Size

Children grow up quickly. We all know that. They’re a small bundle of fun one day, but soon they’ll become tall and grumpy and won’t want anything to do with you. That’s just a fact of life. The same goes with their bed; soon, they’ll outgrow their single beds. Although it’s unnecessary, nowadays, children choose double beds rather than single beds, which you’ll have to make. Fortunately, if they find them more comfortable, they may be a good investment for the future.

Bed Size.
Children nowadays are choosing double beds rather than single beds. (Pictured: Girl Gymnast enjoying the space of her double bed)

It’s not as if a double bed will also break the bank. You can pick up this small double – not quite a single, not quite a double – for £112, which is only £13 more than a regular single. Think about it this way, and you’ll be getting many more years out of the bed for just an extra £13. That’s less than a pound a year.

Couples: Double, King Size, or Double King Size

Ultimately, it comes down to how much room you’ll take up? It’s an obvious question, but people don’t consider this when trying to squeeze as much space out of their bedroom. Some couples sacrifice sleeping space to buy a bed, which is an absolute no-go. We all love a good snuggle, and you might be the most loved couple in the world,  but you won’t be in love when you wake each other up in the night with all those involuntary movements. You’re less considerate at 3 am than at 10 pm, honestly.

Couples should aim for either a King Size Bed or a Super King Size Bed.

They offer loads more space than a double and are a good investment in your sleep.

Think about it, for that bit extra, and you’ll get loads more space. With prices starting at £185, there is no better option. So don’t get cramped up. Spread your wings and sleep soundly.

Benefits of a king-size bed

There are several reasons you should have a Kingsize Bed if you have room for one.

Extra Comfort

The extra room in width and length you will notice when stretching out your arms and legs gives an overall better quality night’s sleep. On average, a person turns and tosses around 60-70 times a night, so you can move around without disturbing your partner, giving more than enough space for two or three people.

Enough Room for The Family

If you have children, a Kingsize bed is the perfect place to bond and relax on a cosy weekend, put the TV on, and watch a film. Great place to cuddle up and have bedtime stories altogether. Also, many of us will find our children trying to sneak into bed with us in the middle of the night, so having the room will allow everyone to get a good night’s sleep without being disturbed.

It fits nicely in the Main Bedroom.

It’s essential to have a bed that fits the rest of the furniture into the bedroom. If it’s the main bedroom, you will want that wow feature. You can choose different styles and colours so that they can be the centrepiece of your bedroom.

Health Conditions

If you or your partner suffers from back pain, arthritis, or any muscular pain, then you know that this can cause a restless night’s sleep, moving around and changing positions all night, keeping yourself and your partner awake. To help, a bigger bed is a must, as this gives a bigger sleeping surface to move around without worrying you are keeping your partner awake.

What is the best size bed you should sleep in if you sleep alone?

A lot can depend on the individual’s preference when looking for the best size bed for solo sleepers.

Standard single: A single bed works perfectly well for many solo sleepers. If you are a sleeper who does not move a lot at night or trying to save space in a smaller bedroom, this may be the best choice.

Small Double: A small double bed gives you a bit more space. This means it is ideal for those who wish to spread out or perhaps move around a lot during the night. It still offers a space-saving option over the larger double or king size. It can also mean you have the room to be able to share with any pets you may have, not that you always have a choice.

Standard Double: A standard double bed does have some advantages for the solo sleeper. It is bigger than the small double bed, so it is relatively spacious for a single adult. It is also more versatile and potentially longer-lasting as circumstances may change, giving space for any future partners (or pets).

Why is a double bed the most popular size?

When looking for a new bed, the choices can seem overwhelming – size, style, and mattress types are all factors to weigh up, but with an ever-increasing number of options available, where do you start?

One of the most important factors is the size of bed you need. To do this, you should consider a couple of things, such as how many people will be using the bed and what size space it will be used in.

The most popular bed size in UK homes is double (a double mattress measures 135cm in width by 190cm in length of 4 ft 6” by 6 ft 3”). Looking at why this is the most popular choice could be an excellent place to start.

A double bed is an excellent option for couples with a small to average room for two adults to sleep comfortably.

Therefore, it will not overwhelm the space it sits in like a larger king-size version, so if the bed is intended for you and your partner, you are a bit tight on space. This would be a sensible choice.

Many parents are opting for a double bed for their ever-growing kids. It makes sense when you think about it. As kids approach the dreaded teen years, a single bed suddenly looks tiny with them in it. By upgrading early on, you can save money in the long term, as let’s face it. They will probably still have the same bedroom for many more years yet!

With many newer built houses, the emphasis is often on the number of rooms over the size of the actual spaces, so a double bed is a popular choice as it is a good all-rounder. A double will usually fit nicely and accommodate most scenarios when a room’s proportion is on the smaller side. So, whether it’s for couples, kids and teens, guests, or single sleepers who want a bit of extra room, a double bed will usually work well.

With all this in mind, it is not difficult to see why the traditional double is the most popular size choice.

If you are a heavier or taller person, especially over 6FT, you may wish to consider a Kingsize if you have the space.

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