2022 Bedroom Colour Trends

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2022 Bedroom Colour Trends

The art of colour psychology is based on the idea that the colours we surround ourselves with play a dynamic role in our lives.

Colours that are bright and warm make us feel happy, while dark and muted colours make us feel sad. Additionally, colours can inspire, energise, and empower us, and equally, they can sap our strength and make us feel trapped.

Your bedroom colour scheme is more important than any other in your home because it is the last and first room you see in the day.

The theme for 2022 is new beginnings, changing the way we live in the face of climate change and the cost of living crisis. Bedroom colour trends reflect this, with happy colours, lots of neutrals and lighter shades of favourites.

Here are the bedroom colours that will dominate in 2022:

Popular colour palettes


2022 Bedroom Colour Trends. Grey-lavender
Picture credit: Pinterest

If you love grey but want a fresher look, this colour palette is for you! Grey can be dreary when used as the main colour in bedrooms, but the introduction of lighter tones, white and lavender shades gives it fantastic depth.

Pastel greens

2022 Bedroom Colour Trends. Grey-lavender
Picture credit: Color Hex

One of the most popular colour palettes for 2022 is pastel greens, which can be paired with white or grey walls for a sophisticated vibe. The colour green is associated with renewal and growth, bringing a sense of naturalism to bedrooms.

Pastel blues and mint

2022 Bedroom Colour Trends, Pastel blues and mint
Picture credit: Scheme color

Blue calls to mind feelings of serenity and calmness, with pastel shades evoking a sense of peace and orderliness. The addition of mint brings freshness to the palette, brightening up a bedroom with a cool and youthful vibe.

Pastel blues and peach

2022 Bedroom Colour Trends
Picture credit: Scheme color

If you want to balance cool and warm colours, you can’t go wrong with pastel blues and peach. The addition of peach creates a neutral, beachy vibe, replicating the look of summer holidays spent at the beachside with a cocktail.

Grey to beige and black

2022 Bedroom Colour Trends, Grey to beige and black
Picture credit: Color Combos

Darker neutrals elicit a sense of simplicity and utility in large bedrooms. Grey to beige with yellow as an accent colour is an eternally popular palette. You can play with a wide range of upholsteries and textures by incorporating darker colours.

Popular colours by interior style

Mid-century modern

2022 Bedroom Colour Trends. Mid-century modern
Picture credit: Pinterest

Mid-century modern colours include mustard yellow, medium grey, teal, khaki green and navy blue. It’s important to note that stronger colours like mustard yellow and medium grey are accent colours – the main colour should be white for walls.


2022 Bedroom Colour Trends. ndinavian colours
Picture credit: Pinterest

Scandinavian colours are set to be extremely popular in 2022. Although similar to mid-century modern, Scandinavian has more pastel shades of blue-grey, pinks and off-whites, creating a lighter and airier space.

Shabby chic

2022 Bedroom Colour Trends, Shabby chic.
Picture credit: Pinterest

Shabby chic is synonymous with pinks, lilac, light blues, creams, and mint, giving bedrooms a youthful and happy vibe. This colour scheme is perfect for children and younger people or anyone wanting to make their bedroom an airy place.

Popular individual colours

English sage

English sage saw a resurgence in 2021, and it will remain popular in 2022 for bedroom feature walls. It’s a popular colour for kitchen cupboards because it’s homely and warm, yet interesting enough to give spaces character.

Mustard yellow

Mustard yellow is eternally popular as an accent colour for cushions and rugs, but it also makes a fantastic feature wall colour. The medium yellow is neither bright nor dark, giving bedrooms a positive and calm character.


The most popular colour trends in 2022 will be grey-lavender and pastel blues with mint, with both delivering a dose of freshness to popular colourways. Dark colours are out, and airy colours are in, with neutrals playing a bigger role.

Experimenting with colour is a fun project, but make sure to buy tester pots to get your colour scheme perfect before buying tins of paint. Wallpaper is another option if you want textures, patterns or embossing.

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