5 Top Tips to Help You When You Are Stressed

Vitamin D Deficiency and Poor Sleep
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We have all been losing sleep due to stress at some point in our lives.

Stress can often occur by increased pressure with work or significant changes in your lifestyle. Don’t settle for staring at your ceiling because you have given up on the possible chance of any sleep. It is possible to get the sleep you desire.

What is stress, and what impact does it have?

It’s pretty hard to truly understand what stress is and why it is so prominent in all of our lives. We often associate stress as an everyday thing, but it dates right back to our prehistoric ancestors.

It has always been around with it being a natural biological reaction, and I don’t see that ever-changing.

Many people believe that the development of humans has become more recognised for its dangers mainly due to the increased levels of external factors that impact our lives.

Stress occurs when you don’t have enough emotional resources to cope with the situation at hand.

Why do we become stressed?

Due to the circumstances with the Covid-19 pandemic, 7 in 10 adults have had worries which have caused a massive increase in anxiety and depression as it has negative impacts upon all the factors that cause stress, including work, money, and family life.

Long-lasting stress can also have a devastating impact on our mental and physical health. It can increase the chances of getting many health problems such as anxiety, depression, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure.

Stress, with the Covid-19 pandemic, 7 in 10 adults have had worries
Due to the circumstances with the Covid-19 pandemic, 7 in 10 adults have had worries which have caused a massive increase in anxiety and depression.

Our 5 Top Tips

Take a bath – An excellent way to reduce stress is by kicking back and having a warm bath, primarily because it offers you some peace and quiet. It helps you to distance yourself from the manic day, which has just come to a close.

Exercise – Another great way to distance your mind from any thoughts which may have previously been causing stress. Many people use it as a social opportunity, but it is also an excellent way to reduce stress as it releases positive endorphins.

Turn off phones and other devices – Sometimes, taking a step back from our modern world is an excellent way to improve well-being as it allows time for self-reflection instead of relying upon others to give their opinions on you.

Eat positively -The food you eat has more of an impact than you would ever imagine. Healthy food can have a massive effect on your mental health and reduce the chances of stress building up.

Getting a good night’s sleep – Sleep is crucial as it improves concentration which means your mind is less likely to drift and think about things that may cause you stress.

The Process of Stress

An alarm is when that unwanted stress begins to build up, usually just after something significant has happened.
Resistance. Your body is attempting to fight back against the stress to prevent it from having an undesired effect.

This stage can go one of two ways, as when you become aware of the stressors, you should seek advice to prevent your stress. However, if you don’t take an active approach, you can easily drag out the time you experience stress.

Sometimes it might be a particular setting or experience which causes your stress; therefore, you need to make small changes to make this place more comfortable.

If your period of stress reaches this stage, the impact stress will have had will have made specific life changes the way you knew it before.

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