A Quick Guide to JayBe Children’s Mattresses – 2023

Jaybe Children's Mattresses.
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JayBe Children’s Mattresses

Jay-Be is a family-run business specialising in making mattresses that support a child’s physical and mental development. Their range of mattresses is simple yet comprehensive, allowing you to choose the perfect option for your growing child.

The JayBe kid’s mattress range is 100% foam free and made from sustainable materials, so you can be sure that no harmful chemical emissions are present.

With each mattress designed for durable performance and backed by a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee, you can rest easy knowing that your children are sleeping on a safe, comfortable, and healthy mattress.

JayBe children’s mattresses

Jay-Be mattresses help children get the best night’s sleep possible with chemical-free materials that are hypoallergenic and anti-allergenic.

The comfort layers in their children’s mattresses are engineered from recycled plastic bottles and sustainable fibres, diverting them from going into landfill.

The thickness and composition of JayBe mattresses are tuned for children aged four to twelve, with mattress depths up to 18cm in most cases. The mattresses use no foam, with synthetic fibre fillings that are recyclable and breathable.

The JayBe mattress range includes the following:

JayBe Foam Free Sprung Mattress

Pictured: JayBe Foam Free Sprung 3FT Single Mattress
  • Price: £144.
  • Firmness: Medium.

This 16cm thick open coil mattress is ideal for bunk beds thanks to its slender profile. It has Smart Fibre fillings that are breathable and hypoallergenic, with a high-density insulating pad above the springs for soft cushioning.

A soft woven outer cover and edge-to-edge support maximise comfort, letting your kid use the whole mattress with good support.

JayBe Anti-allergy Sprung Mattress

Pictured: JayBe Anti-allergy Sprung 3FT Single Mattress
  • Price: £164.
  • Firmness: Medium.

The JayBe Anti-Allergy Sprung Mattress is an 18cm mattress treated with Purotex, an anti-allergy treatment that rejects dust mites (ideal for children with asthma). It has a thick fibre comfort pad and exceptional edge-to-edge support.

We recommend this mattress for all bed types, but if buying for a bunk bed, ensure that the guard rail has lots of travel with an 18cm mattress.

JayBe Pocket Sprung Anti-allergy Mattress

Pictured: JayBe Pocket Sprung Anti-allergy 3FT Single Mattress
  • Price: £204.
  • Firmness: Medium.

If you like the look of the mattress above but want more support for your child, this mattress has pocket springs for zoned support that respond individually to your child. It is also treated with Purotex and is 18cm thick.

Pocket-sprung mattresses have better motion isolation than open coil mattresses, and they are more durable, making them an excellent choice for kids.

JayBe Waterproof Mattress

Pictured: JayBe Waterproof 3FT Single Mattress
  • Price: £209.
  • Firmness: Medium.

The JayBe Waterproof Mattress has a wipe-clean surface and enhanced waterproofing within the comfort layers. This makes it perfect for hospitals, nurseries, pre-schools, or parents wanting a long-lasting mattress.

It has a high-density fibre pad above open coil springs for comfort and a woven top cover for comfort, with hypoallergenic materials.  

Important note: JayBe mattresses come in UK and Euro single sizes. While Bedstar only stocks the UK single variety, some retailers stock the Euro single, which is a different size. Check before buying from other retailers.

Why should you buy a JayBe mattress for your kid?

JayBe mattresses have a few unique selling points:

  • The fillings are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.
  • The fillings have no harmful chemicals.
  • The mattresses are free from VOC emissions.
  • Hypoallergenic and anti-allergenic materials.
  • All mattresses have a five-year manufacturer’s guarantee.  

JayBe mattresses are designed to keep your child comfortable, safe, and healthy while they’re asleep. The mattresses are built with sustainable materials, are foam-free, and have no chemical or VOC emissions, which helps reduce their environmental impact.

Their speciality ‘anti-allergy’ range also helps to protect kids who suffer from allergies and asthma and is ideal for kids with weakened immune systems.

Overall, JayBe is a trustworthy and reliable brand for children’s mattresses. Their range has something for every budget, every sleeping preference, and every age group, so you can rest assured you are buying the best mattress for your little one.

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