Romantic Bedroom Décor For a Romantic Valentines Day

Reviving Your Bedroom For a Romantic Night This Valentines Day. Mattress for Couples
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Romantic bedroom decor

Whether you’ll be ripping off your clothes and jumping into bed or settling down with a glass of wine this Valentine’s Day, the state and style of your bedroom play a role in how things go. Simply put, a romantic room is best!

Reviving your bedroom for a romantic night doesn’t require wholesale changes. Simple tricks like fairy lights and ambient lighting, petals on the bed, and candles are great ways to make your bedroom romantic for him or her.

Here are the best ways to revive your bedroom for Valentine’s Day:

Get a show-stopping bed frame

Get a show-stopping bed frame for Valentine’s Day if you do one thing. A divan or ottoman with an upholstered velvet base always goes down a treat, or you can get a wooden bed that introduces rustic charm to your bedroom.

The key is to match the bed to your colour pallet or furniture to set the style rather than simply adding to it. Alternatively, if you have a monotone bedroom, a contrasting bed frame can work well as a focal point.

Pictured: Julian Bowen Hoxton 4FT 6 Double Wooden Bed Frame, Available from Bedstar Online.

Layer up your bed

Whether you get a new bed frame or not, layering up your bed is essential for Valentine’s Day. A layered bed has five layers:

  • Fitted sheet
  • Top sheet
  • Duvet
  • Coverlet
  • Pillows/cushions

The most critical elements are the duvet cover, pillowcases, and coverlet (a blanket or throw). Cushions aren’t essential, but they add a layer of visual comfort, helping make your bed more inviting.

Romantic Bedroom Décor.
Pictured: Beds made up of layers create depth and practical comfort.

Modernise your colour palette

Your bedroom’s colour pallet says a lot about you!

Warm tones like orange, red and yellow convey a sense of energy, while cool colours like blue, green, and purple convey a sense of peacefulness.

On Valentine’s Day, warm colours work best for a sense of comfort and warmth, although, in truth, you should go for colours you like.

For ideas, we like the first three colour pallets in this article.

Create a feature wall that wows

If your bedroom doesn’t have a feature wall, you are missing a trick. Feature walls are a blank canvas for your personality, and they let you set the style and tone of your bedroom without overcomplicating things.

Your feature wall should always be behind your bed’s headboard, so your bed is the first piece of furniture people look at.

Here are a few tips for a great feature wall:

  • Paint the wall in your accent colour (the one that pops)
  • Wallpaper it to create texture and introduce patterns
  • Hang fairy lights from the wall on hooks
  • Hang a work of art or a fancy mirror above your bed
  • Install ceiling spotlights our wall lights that light up the wall
Pictured: Woman hanging fairy lights above the bed to create a focal point.

Set a romantic mood with lighting 

Romantic lighting is a great way to improve Valentine’s Day, especially at dinnertime and when things move to the bedroom.

You only need a dimmer switch, a dimmer bulb (cheap modifications any electrician can do), and some candles. Alternatively, go for smart bulbs, which you can activate, dim, and change the colour of using your smartphone or tablet.

However, our favourite lighting for Valentine’s Day is fairy lights, which you can drape across your headboard and hang from your ceiling and walls.

Harness the power of smell 

Never underestimate the power of smell! Lighting a scented candle or incense sticks can work wonders for a romantic evening.

A better way to fill your bedroom with pleasant scents is with a wax melt burner or an ultrasonic diffuser for essential oils. Wax melts, and scented oils have more depth than most candles and don’t release smoke.

Overall, reviving your bedroom for a romantic night this Valentine’s Day could be the difference between getting it on or not. Whatever you get up to, there’s no harm in making your bedroom a nicer place to crash out.

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