What are the Best Beds to Buy? We take a look at these 6 Bed Styles.

Best beds to buy?
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Best beds to buy? – There is no definitive answer. However, in this blog post, we explore the different styles that may help you make an informed decision when buying a new bed.

If you read any advice on buying a bed, you will find loads of information about your mattress. However, your mattress’s quality is vital when selecting the best bed online.

However, selecting the proper bed frame, not just for aesthetic purposes, is also imperative. Your bed frame will be the focal point of your bedroom, so it’s essential that it suits your decor, furniture, and ambience and is of high quality. If you’re unsure whether a divan or a metal frame is best for you, look at the different kinds you can find to help you decide.

Divan beds

These are some of the market’s most common, traditional, and popular styles. A divan base is attached to a headboard, and a mattress sits on top. They are often cheaper than alternatives and tend to last a long time.

They’re also readily available, and you’ll likely be able to pick one up at a low price. However, they aren’t exceptionally stylish and offer very little extra storage. Nevertheless, they are the plain, serviceable bedframe option, depending on your taste in using the bed in question. It could be a good choice.

Platform beds

These bed frames are more decorative and stylish as they’re available in different styles, finishes, materials, and colours. If you want a leather option, there are plenty to choose from, or if you prefer wood, you’ll also be spoilt for choice.

You can also choose between various slats, affecting how it feels. It also dispenses with the need for buying a separate headboard as it is an all-in-one option. Sadly, they’re usually self-assembly only, which can be a pain. Although there is space underneath to push extra stuff, it can be messy to store items.

Storage beds

These are excellent options if you have more money to spend. If you’re short of space, which many of us are, then a storage option could be the best. It’s also a much more stylish option than a standard divan bed.

You can usually choose between drawers that you can use to store your stuff, or another option is the ottoman-style bed that lifts completely. They’re a perfect option for smaller rooms but can be rather heavy and awkward to lift.

These are the main types of beds available, but endless variations exist. From beds with pop-up TVs in the headboard’s foot to beds with separate drawers that roll out from underneath, there are many varied options to create the perfect sleeping environment.

Many customers are buying entirely new beds when it turns out that many want to replace the mattress. So unless your bed frame is broken or you’ve decided that you need a separate-sized bed or want to redecorate completely, it can be a good idea to periodically (approximately every five years) change your mattress.

However, this can work the opposite way if you want to refresh your bedroom’s decoration or are looking for a different kind of bed – for example, swapping from a wooden framed bed to a metal-framed bed or from a divan to a bed with storage underneath.

It can be economical and environmentally friendly to replace the bed frame.

There’s no need to go to the expense of buying a whole new bed if you want to change your look, particularly if you’re happy with your mattress.

So, what kind of bed frames can we offer?

Pretty much everything you can think of! At Bedstars, we have modern metal bed frames, leather bed frames, fabric beds, wooden bedframes, ottoman storage bed frames, and TV stand bedframes.

Metal bedframes

We have metal bedframes in modern and minimalist styles, ranging from the most petite 2ft across the bedframe to beautiful classic styles in Super Kingsize (6ft across).

So whether you’re looking to alter the look of your bedroom or need a cheap and good-quality bed for your spare room, there will be something in your price range.

TV bed frames

If you’re looking for a bit of luxury and high-end design, then you could have a look at our bed frames with an inbuilt TV. These TV bed frames are available in faux leather, and from a standard single right up to a king-size, these TV bedframes are on sale at excellent prices. But, again, you won’t find better quality anywhere else.

Wooden bed frames

If you’re looking for a simple, stylish, and long-lasting bed frame, you could find something you love in our wooden bed frame category. Many are available in all sizes and colours, varying from varnished pine to vintage white.

The grey single pine bed frame by Julian Bowen would add charm to any child’s bedroom or a spare room.

These are just a tiny sample of what we have on offer, and don’t forget that we can offer Next-Day Delivery with many products. There are always fantastic offers and savings, so it’s worth checking before you decide on a bed frame.

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