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3 Sleeping Habits Sports Stars Have That Improve Their Lives

3 Sleeping Habits Sports Stars Have That Improve Their Lives

Category: Sleep Talk
Posted: Aug 12, 2015 10:04
Synopsis: Whether its winning Wimbledon or getting Pole Position in the next Grand Prix, our sports stars sleeping habits have a big part to play.

When you’re asked about your favourite sporting hero, we bet you can answer pretty much everything. From their place of birth to their favourite colour, you’ll know more about them than anybody ever will. But, and we’re only guessing here, you might not know everything about their sleeping habits.


Not only is sleep important to you, it’s probably even more important to our stressed our sports stars. At the end of the day, if they’re sleeping right, you should be too!


So here’s three things they’re doing to make sure they catch all of their 40 winks.


1.  Gareth Bale and Real Madrid: Take a siesta!


As the clock strikes one in the afternoon, silence creeps throughout the Valdebebas training ground. All players and staff get a couple of hours to drift off as they relax after a stressful morning of playing football and doing other things footballers do, like, er, running about. I guess.


I think we can agree that footballers work pretty hard, but so do we! The next time you’re in the office, try and convince your boss that you need a couple of hour’s kip through the day. The siesta has been proven to increase productivity and the wellbeing of all those that participate.


So instead of working, sneak into the supply cupboard and sneak some extra sleep in.


2.  Roger Federer: Take 10 hours sleep!


No matter how old this man gets, he’s still able to keep up with the ever growing pool of young talent. The 34 year old sporting genius even made it to this year’s final of Wimbledon, seeing off opponents such as Andy Murray in straight sets. And whilst it might be his sporting prowess got him there, we reckon the 10 hours kip he gets at night might help him out as well.


It’s been reported that, along with Federer, stars such as LeBron James make sure they get 10 hours sleep at night. You’ve got to admit, there’s never been a time that Federer looks groggy, and who would with all that sleep behind their belt. So the next time you’re thinking about squeezing 8 hours sleep into your schedule, why not go for 10. Who knows, you might just ‘ace’ that project at work.


3.  The whole of the Southampton Football Squad: Take Post-Sleep Interviews!


With the Premier League returning, we’ve all been excited to see our favourite teams back in action. Some have fared better than others this weekend, with teams such as Arsenal and Chelsea being beaten by - some would say - lesser skilled teams.


This weekend Southampton managed to get a crucial draw against Newcastle away, and it might not all be down - well probably mostly - to their footballing ability.


Every morning, each player uses an app on their phone to judge the quality of their sleep. The players are asked to mark whether they’re still tired, whether their muscles are sore and even what kind of mood they’re in. These are all marked out of ten and if things are looking bad, steps are taken to improve their sleep.


So, the next time you’re not having much luck in the sack - and by that we mean sleep - start to think why that’s the case. If your muscles are sore, maybe your bed is too firm or soft. If you're too warm, maybe that’s you duvet, or even your mattress.  A great way to identify the best type of mattress will suit you best is to try our new mattress finder.


It’s imperative you get a great night’s sleep, and if that’s not the case, make some steps to fix your problems. The sooner you do that, the sooner you’ll be raking in the hours like Roger Federer and LeBron James!

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